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With hearts pulsating to the distressing rhythm of today, we refuse to be paralyzed in agony. This spring, GLAMCULT delves into our shared capacity to radically re-imagine tomorrow. Not impatient, just unable to tolerate indifference—this is the URGENT issue.

“Elements of Urgency” unfolds and develops the topics explored within URGENT in the form of a joint launch celebration: of GLAMCULT’s new issue and De School’s very own merchandise. The two platforms welcome the inimitable Lyra Pramuk for a live performance, alongside performance artist Xenia Perek and DJ Serene, to guide us through the wavering night.


Lyra Pramuk LIVE
Xenia Perek LIVE (with support by DJ let go)
DJ Serene



De School, Amsterdam

Capacity is limited and we expect a sold out night. Please come on time and keep in mind that doors close at 21:30 sharp.

Following "Elements of Urgency", find us dancing our hearts out at the ensuing club night with CCL / upsammy / VTSS / Mcmlxxxv / Job Sifre.
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