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FRIDAY 20.03
Cafe DS

13.00 – 18.00

We feel that reliable and custom made ear protection is one of the most essential additions to one's clubbing experience. Therefore, we are organizing a fitting day together with ACS Amsterdam on Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of March. During De Gehoordag you can get your custom earplugs made for a reduced price, and receive them at home within a month.

There are five types of plugs to choose from, gradually muting noise from light to heavy. The plugs are €165 a pair, but ACS offers a 15% discount on these plugs during De Gehoordag, so €140,25 incl tax. Colour, cord or radio adapters can be purchased for €8,50 

The production and shipping time is 2 - 3 weeks and shipping is €6,95. You can also pick them up in Amsterdam Centre, free of shipping cost.

To set up an appointment send an email to It's also possible to walk in without an appointment, but we're working on a first come, first serve base. We can't guarantee there will be enough time for a fitting for everyone without an appointment. The fittings take around 10 minutes, please make sure to be in Café DS around 30 minutes in advance.

Payments can be made with both cash and card, and this ensures the quickest delivery. Payment through invoice is also possible, but production only starts once the payment is done.
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