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SUNDAY 06.10

11:00 – 17:00

Upcycle / Repair Cafe by Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

The fashion industry produces 80 billion items of clothing every year. This involves an enormous amount of emissions and environmental pollution. At the same time, tons of clothes are thrown away or burned, often because they're no longer in fashion.

Sustainable fashion also means (re) appreciating what you already have. Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week turns Cafe DS into an upcycle-and-repair cafe. In this creative workplace you're welcome to bring your old or torn clothes to give them new life. 

Repair it yourself with De Steek
There are all kinds of materials available to upcycle your old clothing. With guidance of Amsterdam sewing workshop De Steek, you yourself get behind the sewing machine and learn the first tricks of the trade. Repair that hole yourself, that zipper or button or change an old rag into haute couture.

Rambler Studios
Rambler Studios, located on the Zeedijk, offers creative apprenticeship trajectories for talented and creative Amsterdam. The Rambler designers will work with fashion students in the Upcycle Cafe to take on the (small) clothing repairs. While they get started, you can go into Cafe DS for a snack or a drink.

Bo Doir
Bo Doir turns vintage 100% silk scarves into new fashion items. They search, find and collect forgotten vintage scarves to make them shine again in new items clothing. The silk treasures show excellent patterns and quality. Their sweaters with sewn-in silk on the front are sustainable and fair trade.

Entry and participation are free.
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