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Text by Resident Advisor:

2018 was a big year for football.

Through last June and July, people across the globe were glued to their TVs. Many afternoons were spent in pubs. Incognito tabs were opened on internet browsers. There was joy for some and heartbreak for many.

In the Netherlands, however, this wasn’t the case. They knew they had bigger fish to fry. And come October, fry them they did. Last year, The RA Cup saw the third consecutive win from a homegrown side, with Garage Noord taking the trophy home. Can Holland’s nightclubbing elite keep flying the flag for their millions of footballing fans?

Big tackles. Oranges. A size 3 ball. Hangovers. Flares. We’re back.

It’s October 17th at De School. It’s The RA Cup 2019.


The charity four-a-side tournament will go down on Wednesday, October 17th with 16 teams competing for the cup. RA's and De School's teams will be joined by groups repping electronic music jobs board Doors Open, Berlin booking agency Odd Fantastic, Berlin Atonal, Zenker Brothers' Ilian Tape label, Helsinki's postbar and the Berlin club-agency combo team of Renate/Wilde.

The Netherlands will be represented by teams from Dekmantel, Rush Hour, Clone, Redlight Radio, PIP Den Haag, Zwart Goud and last year's champions, Garage Noord.

We're also putting on something totally new this year: a Playstation FIFA tournament with prizes. Sign up to compete in that at the RSVP link:

As always, the RA Cup is for a good cause, with all of this year's proceeds going towards the Netherlands branch of climate movement Extinction Rebellion. Entry, which is open to the public, is a €5 donation.

14:00 - 17:00: Group stages
17:15: Quarter Finals
18:45: Semi Finals
19:40: Final
Trophy Ceremony + Bevs
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