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On show from 31.10.2019 – 01.12.2019

On Thursday October 31st, we will celebrate the opening of 'How did I get here?', the first solo exhibition by Circus Family. We'll have tacos for the first visitors.

Stimulating sight and rendering the world visible, light is the sensory gateway into our physical experiences as humans. The installations on display evoke and question these emotive,
aesthetic and sublime qualities of light and color. A modular system of graphic shapes set in various configurations. Through these dynamic compositions, subtle movements causing unpredictable reflections and bass-heavy sounds; light and shadow constantly transform the spaces.

When left alone with no audience, the objects glow dimly as if they were asleep. Yet when visitors approach, the installations slowly come to life. Colour gradients pour into each shape, whilst mirrored surfaces start reflecting light - all to the orchestra of this encompassing soundscape. The project invites visitors to become part of something. An immersive light
experience in which the audience directs the intensity, audio and colour palettes simply by approaching, moving around in and between the large geometric shapes of the installation. Motivated by their presence but not a direct reflection of their human interaction.

Music during the opening by:

Doors open: 20.00

Free entry
Please enter through our club entrance
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