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Thursday 06.06
s105, De School

For Dominican producer Kelman Duran, reggaetón, dancehall and other Caribbean music shape the soundtrack of his youth. Fast-forward a couple of years to New York, where Duran was classically trained as a double-bass player. As an avant-garde studio musician, he’s now merging these versatile sonic worlds to staggering results, with his ambient textured spin on dancehall and reggaetón. Duran’s critically acclaimed album ‘13th Month’ (2018) has been compared with Autechre, Burial and Aphex Twin’s most trippy and dreamlike productions.
But there’s an incredible amount of hyper-energy in Kelman Duran’s music and live-sets as well. Folding his so-called ‘ambient reggaetón’ with dembow and hip-hop beats, South African gqom and Portugese Batida, he extracts these elements into music you can’t help but move to, albeit in an often slung-paced and introspective way. Moreover ‘13th Month’ is a political protest addressing the miserable reality of Native Americans trapped on the South Dakota Indian Reservation. Kelman Duran will perform live in s105, dj support by Arif. 


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