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Thursday 11.04
s105, De School

Text by Subbacultcha:
Speak, so that there is silence…

A night of visual art and sonic performance that expands into an alternate world. Bringing together visual distortions and sounds from the near and distant future. Join us on our interdisciplinary voyage that crosses all boundaries, borders and margins, accelerating through the everyday, with noise into the silence.

Our first instalment brings together members of Oramics Collective, a group formed as a platform to empower women, non-binary and queer people in the electronic music scene. With providing support to other struggling communities and unrepresented artists at its aim, the platform offers an alternative night experience.

FOQL (Oramics)
Over the last few years Justyna Banaszczyk aka FOQL has released an impressive amount of music on different types of media, on labels such as New York Haunted, Always Human Tapes, Gooiland Elektro and Pointless Geometry. Her hypnotic and unconventional style stems from her industrial and dark roots, and thanks to her soft spot for experiments, heaviness and the most innovative corners of dance music, she avoids the obvious, what can also be heard during her live performances.

dogheadsurigeri, a member of Oramics since 2018, has performed on the same stage with artists such as LYZZA, object blue and Imaabs. In her sets she’s searching for aesthetics in deconstructed sounds in a way that positive nonlinearity rages through the machines. Cyclonic torsion moans.

Monster started DJing over 10 years ago, mostly at the anarchist squat and social center Rozbrat in Poznan, Poland. She later started organizing Squat The Electricity parties where she invited local DJs to play at the squat and popularize electronic music in a non-commercial space. Her sound is hard to pin down, however, “acid, breakbeats, cascading piano house, electro, and even very early trance” seems about right.


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