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FRIDAY 05.04 

The second VanMorgen opens Friday April 5th, and will be on show until April 28th. In this exhibition series we focus on the artists "of tomorrow". 

VanMorgen #2 features the work of Marielin Simons and Mickey van Olst.

Marielin Simons
Marielin Simons’ artworks are based on the memory of a nice place, which she intensifies or romanticizes by remaking and sculpturing a scenery by hand.
PUR foam and gypsum turn into painted rocks, covered with artificial grass, dried flowers and tree roots. Her work creates an interesting tension between real and artificial, reality and our fantasy, nature and technology.

Mickey van Olst
Mickey van Olst collaborated with fine artist Natacha Mankowski as part of onformative on creating ‘Dune’: a stylistic scenography exploring an algorithmic interpretation of NYC’s abandoned Brooklyn Navy Yard. These digital ruins became the site for a simulated visual exploration of its shapes and crevices, revealing its photographic qualities as the light playfully reveals its architecture, accompanied by a scenic track procuded by Skipta.

(Read more about the exhibition here)

In Café DS and the hallway behind Restaurant DS there will be new work shown by Tessa de Rijk from April 5th on. 

Tessa De Rijk
Tessa De Rijk shows a series of Indian ink paintings featuring shapes that are withdrawn from nature and an absolute curiosity to the Japanese zen gardens. They are seemingly easy, yet this is the result of a complex research, mastering the perfect line and shape that captures nature’s solitude. To create these specific strokes, Tessa de Rijk creates her own organic paint and designed her own brush with different sizes length and thickness bristles. 

Café DS is open for drinks, and Joery de Winter and Uira will be playing records until 23:00.
De Weekhap, our weekly changing vegetarian meal, will also be available for €10. 

Please enter through Café DS.
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