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Saturday Night 08.12 – Sunday 09.12 – Monday Morning 10.12

Tickets available online and at the door

Repetition is impossible. You are not the same. I am not the same. This club is a river. It is not. The same.

  • Avoid career calculation in art and music. 
  • Avoid those who do a lot of this.
  • Bass Clef (live)
  • Bill Kouligas
  • Call Super
  • December 8-10th 2018
  • De School
  • DJ Stingray
  • Everyone having a different experience of the same thing is positive.
  • Gatto Fritto
  • If I could write the perfect song this would all be over
  • I have no ideas
  • It’s OK. At 3am most of us are lonely.
  • Jasmín
  • Josey Rebelle
  • Objekt
  • Oceanic
  • Tell me something that will save me
  • To need another body to better comprehend the dark
  • Pariah
  • Peach
  • Pearson Sound
  • Photography: Claire Cichy
  • Seem to remember the cello resembles the voice
  • Set design: Aura Lydon & Marlyn Kist De Ruijter 
  • So surrender sometimes
  • upsammy
+ art interventions by the Sandberg Instituut :- Fabulous Future (Niels Albers, Malissa Anne Cañez Sabus, Gauthier Chambry, Naomi Credé, Liene Pavlovska, Mirko Podkowik, Rein Verhoef)
- Richard John Jones
- Natasha Papadopoulou
Part of "Something is about to Happen", curated by Morning Love (Laure Jaffuel and Leila Arenou)

Doors open: 23.00
Tickets: €18

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