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Wednesday 21.11

Het Klaslokaal
Astronomical Fascinations

Are we alone?
by Djoeke Schoonenberg

The question whether extraterrestrial life exists is perhaps one of the most intriguing questions that astronomers are actively trying to answer. Close to 4000 planets around stars other than our sun (so-called exoplanets) have been discovered in the past twenty-five years, and many more discoveries are expected. A considerable fraction of these planets have rocky surfaces and orbit their host stars in the so-called habitable zone, where liquid water may exist — generally thought to be a key ingredient for life. Djoeke will discuss how exoplanets are discovered and how astronomers search for signs of extraterrestrial water and life. She will answer the question where water on Earth came from, and how unique the Earth actually is.

€7,50 or €15,00 including De Weekhap at Café DS

Doors open: 20.15
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