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With “The collective viral body” NXS is going to explore, rethink and elaborate on the theme of its issue #3, “Viral Bodies”, within a collective experience. The workshop will open the discussion to many possible speculations on body norms and their mediation through technology. We will investigate how digital tools and online environments create new opportunities to transgress the boundaries of social conventions and expressions, transforming our understanding and stereotypes of what a body can and should be.

We are looking for people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to think and talk about topics that are relevant now and in the near future. We explore this together by using the NXS method of an exquisite corps, wherein participants respond to and build upon each others’ thoughts, and apply this to role play scenarios, experimental prototyping, cross-visual and think tank strategies. Through this method, we will break open new ways of imagining narratives for alternative realities and possible futures.

Workshop date: 
Saturday June 2nd
14.00 - 18.00 / with free drinks afterwards
De School (De Tuin & Het Kunstlokaal)

The workshop is free of charge.

To the very limited amount of spots, we would like to ask you to RSVP, with your age, nationality and profession to
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