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s105, Amsterdam

First Hate
Copenhagen, DK

New York/Los Angeles, USA

Subbacultcha is switching things up with a special treat for their much loved members by throwing a members only party in their charming venue s105.

‘Post-midnight shows are the best for us’ confess Copenhagen duo First Hate, the ones we've been obsessing over for some time now. They have a point, because Anton and Joakim’s irresistible synthpop beats exist in that hazy realm of late night/early morning fantasy. Sensual deep vocals interwoven with synth pop tunes – First Hate nailed down what pop will sound like 100 years from now. For those who saw them perform at DNA last May, you know what we’re talking about. If you missed out, mistakes are there to learn from. And it gets better. Regal Degal members Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock plugged in as new experimental pop duo Confusing Mix of Nations (CMON). They recently released their self-titled EP and they're crossing the pond to play their amalgam of funky & freaky tunes. 
This show is for Subbacultcha members only.
All Subbacultcha shows are free for members. You can sign up at the door for €8/month to all their shows.
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