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Series #2: "The Female Gaze"
De School
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Start: 21.00

In May we present three film nights in collaboration with Roffa Mon Amour. Out of hundreds we picked three distinctive, talented and great female directors that we are blown away by. They contributed to the cinematic field in their – not only feminine – but very peculiar, outstanding way. 

May 22:
Movern Callar

About Movern Callar:
While listening to Aphex Twin, Velvet Underground, Can and Boards of Canada, Morvern mourns her boyfriend. To break away from grief she decides to hit the road with her bestie Lanna away from Scotland to Spain. High on E and the Spanish sun the girls are on what we would call “boevenpad”. 

About Lynne Ramsay:
Started as a cinematographer in Nation Film School, the Scottish Ramsay (1969) developed as a leading independent contemporary director that writes all films herself.  “And through the years I've been sent scripts as well. But it's always all packaged and ready to go, and that just isn't me. Do you know what I mean?”

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