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November 4 – November 19
Tuesday - Saturday: 17:00 – 22:00
Monday closed
Entrance fee required when club is open  

Opening november 4th, starting 19.00. More info on Facebook.

'Perfume Lost' is a jigsaw puzzle of the baroque and the profane and the overused. Using John Everett Millais’ seminal painting Ophelia as its starting point, this exhibition is an exploration of the romanticised idea of femininity. Cliché signifiers of the bathing female body, the knight in shining armour and the beauty of the flower rose, are re-visited, outwardly acquiescing in their beauty whilst silently exhausting them, stripping them of their powers. 

Amelia Clark Productions is an elaborate ruse designed to disorient roles of gender, identity and inheritance within artistic production. It is the brain child of Shristie Budhia, creative entrepreneur and cat lady.


Words by Amelia Clark Productions:

“A boy I barely knew once brought me a flower, and I pressed it into a book like they did in the movies, burying it deep into the bookshelf, lest the temptation of compassion overcome the desire for romance. For days I waited, patiently painting the details of the moment I would finally see proof of cinematic love manifest in the offering of my make believe suitor. Months passed, and I took to watching women’s wrestling, crocheting, and bouncing tennis balls off my walls. They were a cadmium yellow then, with swirls of orange drawn on with a corrugated sponge. That was the nicest my walls have ever looked probably because those were the only walls I ever chose. Walls are inherited.

In the ease of childhood hobbies are dropped as quickly as they are acquired. That is the ease of childhood. Adults have habits. Habits need medical attention. Habits make your skin wrinkle faster. Habits make you alienate your friends. Habits make you forget who you were. Is love a habit? Is anger? Sadness? Loneliness? ‘I’ is like a marker pen doodle on your palm but your palms are sweaty. Like a non consensual dissolve filter application. The lines of ‘I’ don't blur, but pieces, no not pieces, slivers, not, not that either; shards. Yes, shards, the jaggedness of the word shard is fitting; shards peel away.”
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