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July 9 – August 27
Tuesday - Saturday: 17:00 – 22:00
Sunday from 14:00
Monday closed
Entrance fee required when club is open

Irrawaddy’s Secret Garden displays images - paintings and sculptures - as entities that populate our experienced realities and notwithstanding their otherness become part thereof. It is an ode to animal life forms that feature some of the most bizarre and alien beings seemingly transcending time, like deep sea creatures, insects and reptiles. The archetypal, subconscious images of which they are part of, transform their external appearances throughout history, yet in their essence remain the same. The piece invites the viewers to experience our co-existence with these images of otherness and familiarity.

Annika Kappner is a Berlin born Amsterdam based artist. She crafts multi-sensory experiences in the extended field of painting, by reverting principles of virtual and digital realities into the analogue realm to create glitches in perception. Prompted by her experience as investment banker, her work targets the evolution of consciousness in relation to mental patterns and the underlying forces that shape their systemic counterparts in nature, visual arts, technology and science. She is a co-founder of the cross-modal artist collective Elephants & Volcanoes.

Irrawaddy’s Secret Garden is sponsored by Sigmund Lindner.
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