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"Can't Tell if I'm Grieving or Laughing"
July 29 – August 26
Tuesday – Saturday: 17:00 – 22:00
Closed on Mondays
Entrance fee required when club is open

The installations of Carly Rose Bedford (AUS/NL) focus on the affective capacity and ability of materials to underscore or eclipse the human form when engaged in a specific context. In her practice every material becomes fair game, from disposable party materials to bodies to labor intensive processes of glass casting. Each work scrutinizes the hierarchies embedded in taste, aesthetics, and value systems through questioning experimentation and politicised play.

If we remove the preconception of what is considered an animate or inanimate subject is messes deeply with the binary way of thinking about inside and outside, healthy verus unhealthy, wrong vs. right. This gives the potential of a rock as much affective currency as a body and vice versa. Fluid and 'the blob' sits in the seductive space between the two poles of what does and does not have agency. What is wrong or right. On a cellular level the microbe exists in every state, reproducing, frozen, evolving, mating with and then consuming itself over and over. Everything is teeming with this ecology, we are made of it. Taking this proposition, Carly Rose Bedford makes a composition, a kind of shrine, to this fundamental state of a queer ecology.
Instagram: kalibones
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