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In the upcoming years, Het Kunstlokaal will realize a multitude of art exhibitions in De School in collaboration with various contemporary artists and institutions. From March 16 to April 17, Het Kunstlokaal presents a special exhibition of two installations - CUBE by Mike Rijnierse & Rob Bothof and Cubebender by Krista van der Wilk. The installations can be visited for free during concerts and club hours.

Mike Rijnierse is a Dutch artist, performer and educator working in the fields of light, sound and architecture. He is intrigued by sensory experience, whether visual, acoustic, spatial, or cross-sense and synesthesia, creating installations, performances, public interventions, often collaborating with other disciplines. Rob Bothof is a freelance artist, sound engineer, software­- /game developer and technical problem solver. He focuses his research on the fine line between art and science in the fields of interaction, animation and (social) behaviour. Chance and context are recurring themes in his works.

Their installation CUBE operates on the kaleidoscopic principle of multiplied reflections, by placing several mirrors at perpendicular angles. In contrast to the classical kaleidoscope, where light enters the object, CUBE embodies the light inside and projects its inner multiplication outwards into space. CUBE is chroreographed by an autonomic algorithm that directs the synergy between light and sound.

In her video installations, Krista van der Wilk seeks minimum requirements to observe realistic elements, and manipulating what remains. Playing with time, space and light. This creates an alienated visual experience, which lingers between reality and illusion. The human brain first recognizes the known, by manipulating this – she is stretching the visual expectations.

General info
Artists: Mike Rijnierse, Rob Bothof, Krista van der Wilk
Installations: CUBE and Cubebender
Dates: March 16 until April 17 during concerts and club hours
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