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In the upcoming years, Het Kunstlokaal will realize a multitude of art exhibitions in De School in collaboration with various contemporary artists and institutions. From February 17th until March 5th, Het Kunstlokaal will present a new exhibition of four video works by Nicolas Provost together with LIMA Amsterdam in De Aula, De Cinema, De Garderobe and Het Kunstlokaal. These video works (The Perfect Wave, EGO, Storyteller and Papillon d’Amour) can be visited for free from Tuesday to Saturday between 17:00 and 22:00 and during regular club nights and concerts.

About Nicolas Provost
Nicolas Provost is a visual artist and filmmaker. His film, video and photography work uses the language of film to manoeuvre and influence the interpretation of images and stories. Tapping into our collective filmic memory, he manipulates time, codes and form, twisting and shaping new narratives that tightly bind visual art and cinematography. Blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality, his films provoke both recognition and alienation and succeed in catching our expectations into a suspenseful game of mystery and abstraction. 

About the exhibition
The Nicolas Provost exhibition in De School will be compiled of four short films: The Perfect Wave, EGO, Storyteller and Papillon d’Amour. The subjects in these movies vary from a dizzying trip through the cosmos heading for an eternal black hole to a surfer riding an colossal never-ending wave - from aerial film footage of the Las Vegas skyline to a hallucinating scene of a woman‘s reverse chrysalis into an imploding butterfly. Binding these works together is the common thread of hypnotic suspension by using techniques such as mirroring to influence the meaning of the original images and turning them into a type of science-fiction. In doing so, Provost introduces themes related to duality - balancing truth and invention, the figurative and the abstract.

The Nicolas Provost exhibition can be visited from February 17th until March 5th for free from Tuesday to Saturday between 17:00 and 22:00 and during regular club nights and concerts.
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