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In the upcoming years, Het Kunstlokaal will realize a multitude of art exhibitions in De School in collaboration with various contemporary artists and institutions. For the month December Het Kunstlokaal presents a special exhibition of video works and photo exhibitions by Charlotte Dumas, Misha de Ridder and Marjolein Blom. Their video works and photo exhibitions can be visited for free during concerts and club hours for the entire month of December.

Animals have long been a beloved subject of imagery in contemporary culture. Since graduating from the Rietveld Academy in 2000, Charlotte Dumas (1977) has made it her aim to revolve her work around animals such as dogs, tigers, wolves and horses. Her film Work Horse shows a day in the life of two workhorses, Tarsan and Tarmo, that work in the woods in the North of Sweden pulling logs from the forest. Their life is simple and mundane and their work repetitive. You see them together as a team, as friends and as partners, highlighting both their cooperation and their individual characters.

The second artist in this series is Misha de Ridder (NL, 1971). His work has been widely exhibited home and abroad. Featuring geography, light, weather and ephemeral phenomena Misha de Ridder creates photographs and video work of almost absurd brilliance. His quiet images evoke contemplation and intimacy. 
In the video work of this exhibition, De Ridder investigates the expressive qualities of the polar landscape and light in two minimal one-take films. In White Silence a landscape is slowly revealed after a snow storm. In Golden the mood changes as the light changes in the late autumn sun.

UNSEEN Dummy Award Winner and GUP New Talent 2014 Marjolein Blom’s will exhibit her photo series Double Slit Experiment, which is a study about time travel. It touches on scientific principles that, in theory, could make traveling through time possible, but also on the practical impossibility of humans as time travelers. The eponymous book of this series was chosen one of 22 best Dutch photobooks of 2015 by photography critics Merel Bem and Arno Haijtema for De Volkskrant.
Marjolein will also showcase a new project of hers entitled (Anti)matter, which explores the different theories on vacuum by examining elementary particles - for instance Paul Dirac’s theorie on matter and anti-matter.

The video works by Charlotte Dumas and Misha de Ridder can be visited for free during concerts and club nights the entire month of December. The photography of Marlojein Blom can also be visited every other day of the week during opening hours of Café DS.

General info
Artists: Charlotte Dumas, Misha de Ridder, Marjolein Blom
Video works: Work Horse, Golden, White Silence
Photo exhibition: Double Slit Experiment, (Anti)matter
Dates: December 1st until December 31st 2016
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