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VanMorgen #2
VanMorgen #2
The second VanMorgen opens Friday April 5th, and will be on show until April 28th. In this exhibition series we focus on the artists "of tomorrow". 

Mickey van Olst

Mickey van Olst collaborated with fine artist Natacha Mankowski as part of onformative on creating ‘Dune’: a stylistic scenography exploring an algorithmic interpretation of NYC’s abandoned Brooklyn Navy Yard. These digital ruins became the site for a simulated visual exploration of its shapes and crevices, revealing its photographic qualities as the light playfully reveals its architecture.

Through a process of stereo-photogrammetry they generated a series of 3D artefacts which interpret this already captivating historic site into an abstract and alien landscape. As a collaboration with Natacha Mankowski, the work incorporates elements of her fine art practice though mysterious and cryptographic patterns. A complete rework of the project has been provided with a soundscape by Micro Talk inspired by the Dune project.

Marielin Simons

Above Paradise is inspired by the romantic paintings from the 18th century. Romanticism considered nature to be a home for imagination, intuition, and mystery, which resulted in imagery of idealized miraculous events and non-existent places.

Marielin Simons’ artworks are based on the memory of a nice place, which she intensifies or romanticizes by remaking and sculpturing a scenery by hand.
PUR foam and gypsum turn into painted rocks, covered with artificial grass, dried flowers and tree roots. Her work creates an interesting tension between real and artificial, reality and our fantasy, nature and technology.
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