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RESONANCE: Synesthesia + Feedback
RESONANCE: Synesthesia + Feedback
JEMAPUR, a waveform addict based in Tokyo, is a self-educated composer, sound designer / coder / engineer. Recently he spends most of his time searching for new feelings through sounds experimenting with algorithmic composition-based live coding libraries. First and foremost a sound artist, he has released these sounds in the form of albums or LPs. However, the last few years, he has taken a more critical approach to his personal releases and has been looking for new ways to compose, construct, and to release his works. In the meantime he has been producing for others, composing for film, and for select commercial projects.

At De School he has taken the opportunity to use the club, the various spaces, and technical infrastructure to push his personal work further. For him this means looking into different ways to source samples, and to put them together through code based applications, live algorithmic composition, sound networking, and live sample recording. During the first weeks of the residency he has been climatizing, talking to the crew, and experiencing the club and the various programming. Based on this experience he has decided to see how he, together with the audience of the De School can create new and time / location specific work through sound — that still fits within the club setting.

To do this he has decided to focus on two basic approaches: 1. creating a continuous feedback loop of content / samples that inform his new tracks; 2. to create a visual translation of this feed back loop in the actual spaces of the club. At the core of the exhibition will be a series of image and sound sensors that together will form a central sample/sound aggregator. Together with artist and sculptor Victoria Galvani, they will build through the month of June an interactive installation that will create further depth in sound and experience.

The artist in residency program at De School is not only a place and a period of time wherein work is built. Rather, it prioritizes the process of developing and experimenting to inform new work that is specific to De School, but will also create the building blocks for continued work beyond walls of De School. In this spirit, this first artist in residency project is divided into 4 phases, each launched with the new weekend until the close of the exhibition and the residency period.

Phase 0
May 1 – May 30: research and development for the site and period specific work at De School.

Phase 1
May 31: Presentation of the basis of the work. Het Kunstlokaal will be transformed into an interactive space. As the audience interacts with the space, data, such as movement, etc. will create a series of data sets. These will create a live generated video work in the cinema space. The movement of the audience will create basic sounds / soundscapes in the cinema space, but will also create a sound / track loop within Het Kunstlokaal.

Phase 2
June 7: The central sample / sound aggregator installation will be built (its preliminary form) in Het Kunstlokaal. This will introduce a plethora of new sounds and samples. These will be fed into the custom algorithm to create a series of new sound works.

Phase 3
June 14: The central sample / sound aggregator will be completed. Though completed, JEMAPUR will continue to tweak it to create various new samples.

Phase 4
June 21: The exhibition as a whole is complete! This last weekend of the residency program and the exhibition will feature a live performance by JEMAPUR, using the tracks and samples aggregated through the month of June. There will be a small extra — but this will be announced a bit further down the line.

The final day of the exhibition will be June 22.

This iteration of the Artist in Residency Program at De School was supported by Studio The Future, Lokaal Internationaal (part of BeST-NL 2019).


31.05 – 23.06 
Artist in Residence: Jemapur

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