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Circus Family: How did I get here?
Circus Family: How did I get here?
Circus Family: How did I get here? Circus Family is a collective of audiovisual designers who bring projects to life using graphic design, moving image, music and interactive technology. Their installations play with color gradients poured into shapes and reflective surfaces. How did I get here? is Circus Family's first solo exhibition.
On show from 31.10.2019 – 01.12.2019

Into the blue again after the money's gone – Entrance
This installation translates digital noise patterns into an analog array of rods turning lights on and off. Digital to Analog. Aligned to the randomized rhythm of black and white pixels.

Same as it ever was – De Cinema
When standing alone with no audience, the object glows dimly as if asleep. When visitors approach, the installation slowly comes to life. Motivated by, but not a direct reflection of this human interaction. Soundscape by Kubus (Bart van de Werken).

Letting the days go by – Het Kunstlokaal
A softer experimental approach contrasting the dominant, reflecting surfaces. Soundscape by Kubus (Bart van de Werken).

Time isn't holding up – De Aula
This installation invites visitors to become part of something. An immersive light experience in which the audience influences the intensity, sounds and colour palettes simply by approaching, moving around in and between the large geometric shapes of the installation. Soundscape created by Kubus (Bart van de Werken).

How did I get here? can be visited during club nights. Entry fee and house rules apply.

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