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13.02.2020 | Words by: Elisa Luengo and Luc Mastenbroek

Luc: Hello again! When we started making Excel sheets for the weekenders a few months ago, you quickly put in your dream weekender for April, and then I did for June. But I think you also came up with most of the March weekender, and I think it turned out dreamy too. Actually, I think it was the first idea you put on paper for 2020. Where did it start?

Elisa: It’s always exciting to see how the puzzle comes together. First, we both thought that more experimental club sounds also deserved a place in weekenders. So we started by LYZZA and Juliana Huxtable. Then I remembered that JASSS had asked me (begged me?) to book her with Juliana. Around that time, I really loved a radio show where JASSS had invited CEM to play b2b. We decided to bring everything together and ask them both to play twice: once solo and once b2b. Then we build the rest around it. You said DVS1 wanted to do a house set upstairs so we thought of asking Paquita to play before him. DJ Plead was one of my number one wishes for this year. Leeon from Video Club in Bogotá is someone that has been on our list for a while. By asking Solid Blake back we guaranteed the party. And we completed the full circle with the locals that have the strongest connection with Sunday’s lineup: Interstellar Funk and Mark Knekelhuis. In addition, we will re-open an extra small extra fun room…

L: Cool cool. I'm happy Surgeon will come and play for the first time, he's gonna do a six-hour opening set, and the idea was to connect him with somebody from the new generation of techno. We thought of Solaris, who has that same free spirit mixed with power in her sets. She recently did a tribute mix to the Leipzig "freetek scene" that's really cool. The week before Kosh plays a liveset here, I've been playing this Endless Quest track of his in almost every set, but I think you introduced me to his music right? 

E: I remember the times I saw Surgeon in Spain, he would always play reggae at the end to piss off his militant techno fans. They would always freak out. Legend. And yeah, I’m a big fan of Casa Voyager. It’s very cool to see new artists coming from Morocco, where I grew up. That will be quite a big weekend for us with the ravers’ favourite night on Saturday. And apart from that, I am just really looking forward to eating some Iranian food on the 22nd.

L: Yes, many consonants in that night: VTSS, CCL, MCMLXXXV. We've been wanting to invite CCL already for a while, and then upsammy expressed to be a big fan, after sharing the bill with them at Unsound, and that proved to be a nice match. Before the night starts we'll organize an evening with Glamcult, where they will present their new issue and Lyra Pramuk will perform. This song of her upcoming album < 3 And like last year our friends Kourosh, Hani and Mehran will organize a day of Persian culture. This time celebrating Persian New Year, with classical and contemporary Iranian music, art and food. Plus Kourosh will present his debut EP at s105 a few weeks earlier. 

E: Plus I'm super excited to close the month with a Berlin trip together to check out Radiant Love! :)

Tickets for March are now for sale here.
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