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13.11.2019 | Words by: Elisa Luengo and Luc Mastenbroek

Elisa: I think we should start this conversation by sharing with the world how amazing Holly Herndon’s show was last weekend at Le Guess Who. 

Luc: He he, didn't we talk too much about that already? No, seriously, I thought her concert was magical. My favourite moment was when the choir sung acapella and as a surprise a choir from the crowd returned. I was half joking half serious when I said I felt like signing us up for the choir, the music is so welcoming it made me want to join in. Tell me about Björk's unannounced DJ-set? What did she play? I didn't listen to her music so much lately, but I did spend an afternoon reading her conversations with Maggie Nelson while listening to her song in collaboration with Plaid on repeat. 

E: Not sure if I would actually call it DJing… it was more of a fun playlist I would say. It had a lot of poppy highlights from Koffee’s dancehall hit ‘Toast’ to this badass track produced by SOPHIE. And also some more experimental moments. The rest of the festival is a bit too serious in my opinion so I enjoyed having a break with Björk. I think Holly Herndon also provided that folky epic sound that’s so theatrical that it’s on the border with corny, but it’s also refreshing in the way it doesn’t take itself too seriously either.

L: Counts as DJing I'd say! I heard that she played behind a bunch of plants, so people wouldn't see her and take pictures of her. As a result my full timeline was pictures of those plants captioned BJORK IS HERE. Not so anonymous in the end. I remember a few years ago Avalon played a Björk original in the basement, forgot which song, but it was a powerful moment. You saw this film Portrait of a Lady on Fire on Monday right? Everyone's been telling me it's super beautiful. I used to really love the music of this guy Para One who made the soundtrack for the film, curious what he made for the film. 

E: It’s called star power! Talking about Björk, doesn’t FKA twigs sound a bit like her in MAGDALENE? Or am I just obsessed? Could be. Anyway, the film. I cried for two hours non-stop. It was embarrassing when the lights turned on because I was still sobbing. The original soundtrack is actually quite PROTO-ish! The main song is an acapella female choir. You should totally go see it.

L: I'll go next week and let you know! And we should see this film Beats cause people say it has a good rave scene. I see the connection between FKA twigs and Björk, definitely. Pariah posted he heard Kate Bush in it, also nice. Some Aaliyah too? And did you already listen to Malibu's debut EP? She plays s105 room on December 12th, I think the record is really good. And she did a radio show for Subbacultcha on The Word radio with her favourite vocal tunes, had many track ID questions, I believe the show will be online after the weekend. I'm now listening to Vivian Koch's When Will We Meet Again, I think you introduced me to it and then a week later Oceanic sent it to me! 

E: I’ll be there for Malibu and ssaliva! And yes, I think Vivian is making the dreamiest electro. Her last release on OMNIDISC is super cinematic as well. Happy to have her over next month. December… time of traditions and headliners. How do you feel about it?

L: It's funny, it's the month in the year where most is possible, but exactly that makes it more challenging. If you look over the whole year: in January and February many DJs take time off/go on retreat, from March until the end of October many have festival exclusivity, and then in December there's like, uhm, nothing to complain about? In the end I'm happy about the balance: Midland, DVS1, Lena Willikens and Hunee have played many times before, but there's also Kampire, Schatrax, Vivian Koch and FAUZIA debuting. And I'm super happy how Call Super's night turned out this year, I love Dee Diggs' mixes and Coby Sey is one of the best artists I saw lately, both solo and as part of CURL. It's hip hop, punk, jazz, spoken word, all at once. I didn’t see Kampire live yet but you heard her play at Lente Kabinet right? Who else are you excited to see next month?

E: You know I have some mixed feelings about traditions. They have a bit of compromise, just like Christmas with your family. Apart from Kampire, who I’ve been wanting to book for months, I am excited to see nosedrip in the basement. December’s weekender makes me look forward to Veronica Vasicka and Legowelt (their first time at De School too!), the comeback of house legend Schatrax and young talent Rey Colino who manages Kalahari Oyster Cult, one of my favourite labels. Plus the night with Danny Daze, Vivian Koch and Identified Patient makes a super team. Both Danny and Job can play much more than electro and wave so I hope they go wild. Plus, our art and music programme will merge for Boris Acket’s new project called Negative Space. He’s bringing loads of lasers and a crazy sound system for the occasion so be ready!

L: Born ready. See you tonight for Moor Mother and Sophia!

All tickets for December are now for sale.
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