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05.09.2019 | Words by: Elisa Luengo and Luc Mastenbroek

E: Did you go to Garage Noord’s 2-year anniversary celebration last weekend?

L: Only when we went together on Thursday, after GilbR’s birthday. I would have loved to stay longer to see ZZZ live, I used to go to see them with my dad a long time ago. And wish I could have gone back on Saturday to see Jondo and upsammy.

E: Same, my trip to Paris was nice but I also felt a big FOMO.

L: The whole programme looked great! We talked about this before - if you’d ask people around us to describe their perfect underground club I think they would all say something like: forward-thinking programming / cheap door price / live music / inclusive bookings and staff / cool team. This club exists in Amsterdam and it’s called Garage Noord. Did you party in Paris?

E: Garage Noord has definitely found a gap to fill in Amsterdam. They have built something with spirit. I decided not to go out in Paris and kept my promise, which means that I also missed the Odd Fantastic x Futura party. Quite a few favs playing there but also happy to wake up the next day without hangover and have a picnic at the park. How was the weekend at De School?

L: Hearing Akua and Umfang’s excitement about Brabant’s techno legend Miss Djax was a highlight. I remember people telling me about her in high school, hardstyle guys. I thought it was the least interesting thing in the world back then really, only recently learning about her legacy and the label. Wasn’t really ready yet for too much nightlife action, after coming back from a summer break in Italy. Tried not to listen to any electronic music or look for new music but just listened to the same few radio shows over and over again from an old ipod (mainly these fantastic Lucifer Over LA NTS shows). It was really refreshing. During my holidays in Puglia at one point I looked at RA cause I got curious about the parties in the area but all I found was an open air with Marco Carola quite far away, so even if I would have gotten withdrawal symptoms… :). Did your Paris trip have a soundtrack?

E: Since you told me that the new Jenny Hval single High Alice was out, I’ve been listening to it on repeat. Excited for the whole album and looking forward to see her perform at Le Guess Who festival, where she’s also curating part of the line up. Also got the promo from Lyra Pramuk’s forthcoming record, which it’s definitely one of my highlights for the year. Such delicate music. Happy to see her live tonight at De School. Let’s dissect October’s programme a bit. Are you happy with how ADE turned out?

L: Very! I remember right after ADE last year I wrote down a few things that could've been slightly better regarding the flow of the weekend. In November, when visiting Drugstore in Belgrade I had to wait an hour for Jobse and there I wrote down the people I liked in a notebook, and a few weeks later we talked about it again and brought the ideas together and the way the program turned out is exactly what we had written down. rRoxymore playing her new album live, Evan Baggs during Saturday afternoon, upsammy and Leeza Prytchenko playing their first audio-visual concert together. Many things to look forward to. How do you feel about it, and did you see the comments from people who thought it was too much of the same thing?

E: I am also satisfied. I saw those comments but I’m very aware that we cannot make everyone happy. The backbone for the programme are still the residents so there are no big changes there. Maybe a slow progression towards newer regulars getting better spots to freshen things up. For me, ADE feels like a family reunion and an opportunity to showcase local talent to a more international crowd. Plus, what’s wrong about inviting Jane Fitz again and again and again? I would even book her for my wedding! Anyways, the line up is quite broad so hopefully most visitors can find their thing within those 62-hours. Otherwise there’s a lot of choice in the city. What other things are you looking forward to in October? 

L: True, I have to say I kinda understand these comments: it is a lot of the same. But I guess that's the point. There's also an interesting dynamic to festivals with completely different programs every year. I realized that with some DJs the fact of having a season with all the gigs they love already makes them anxious for next year, because they know they certainly won't play these festivals again next year. Cause these festivals function in a way that they have to be different. And sometimes I love that, it makes a festival like Rewire so great. But I think doing almost the opposite also offers possibilities, to build connections, etc. And the fact that 70% of the people on the line-up can come by bike to the club also makes me happy for environmental reasons. But, I always try to remind myself that every weekend is equally important, so enough about ADE. Actually, I think my favourite weekend of October might be the first instead of ADE weekend. On Sunday there's Eris' and Octo Octa's "celebration of body-cracking spirit-raising 100% pure love", on Saturday Giant Swan's debut in the basement and De Ambassade's album release (been constantly asking their agent to do this for years), and on Thursday the Mother Trilogy dance performance by Amelia Emma Forrest.

E: My October highlights would be Erika de Casier’s concert, Lux (forever) and the bassy night with Batu, re:ni and Tammo. But I have to admit that I cannot think much further than next weekend, going to New York for the first time and finally attending Sustain-Release! Whooop!

L: Safe flight and see you in NY!

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