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14.06.2019 | We at De School have always wanted to start an Artist-in-Residence, and though it has taken some time to set-up, we are finally starting. The idea is to invite a few people to experiment and create within the spaces of De School for a predetermined period of time, to be then exhibited. We don't want to place too many limits or boundaries, but here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind.

Practical Matters: 
- The Artist-in-Residence program will officially start in January 2020.
- The length of the residency is 2 weeks minimum and 2 months maximum.
- The exhibition, which the resident will be working towards, will be up for a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 months.
- De School's exhibition space includes multiple rooms, such as classrooms, an auditorium, a courtyard and some hidden spaces throughout.
- De School can provide a place to stay - a private room in the residency apartment (which has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a working space). Two residents can share the apartment. 
- A small production budget will be made available. However, this will be determined based on the forthcoming selection and project proposals, and discussion with the selected applicants. We encourage applying for funding on own initiative.

Concerning the type of art:
The art programming is done together and in the same space as the music programming, which means:
- Don'ts: small gestures, fragile and precious art, offensive ideologies or images, a white-cube approach, based or focused on club culture.
- Do’s: interdisciplinary, interactive, moving pieces and spacious installations, big gestures, surprising use of the spaces.

What we expect of our resident:
- We expect the resident to be open towards others and their opinions and beliefs. 
- The resident must be familiar with our program and audience. 
- A plus is someone who has visited our club before or is familiar with the club. 
- Both locals and anyone from abroad are welcome to apply. 
- We prefer to give a platform to an emerging artist with a minimum age of 21. 

We encourage anyone to apply regardless of their origin, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

Apply by sending us:
- A short introduction to yourself, answering the questions: who you are, what you do, what appeals to you about De School, why your work would fit here, and why you want to do this at De School.
- A project proposal of 2 A4s, as a PDF (excluding images).
- A portfolio of past work / exhibitions.

Application deadline is: July 22nd 2019
Send to:
Subject: application open call 2020

Assessment process:
- Applications will first be checked by De School’s art curator to see if the application is complete and fits the guide lines.
- Applications will be assessed, discussed and a shortlist will be made.
- Finally, De School and an external committee will make the final selection together. For the final stage interviews with applicants will be planned.

For the selection of the resident, we will be looking closely at all the above points, and will select not only based on the project proposal, but (perhaps more importantly) on the approach, the mindset, and character of the applicant.

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