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10.04.2019 | Words by: Elisa Luengo

I always enjoy reading Luc’s line up pieces. Before working at De School, I’d be waiting for them to get published every month to get a sneak peek behind the scenes. I’m curious about decision-making. Most bookers will say that making a program mostly consists of intuition and experience, but there’s also a logical reasoning process that occurs in order make certain choices. There’s a lot about connecting the dots between artists. Now that Luc and I work together, we discuss it in person and I get to take my own decisions as well. So, I guess that it’s time for me to also share my reasons and keep spreading the curiosity for bookings to whoever might come next.

April’s weekender brought spring to the garden (shout out to Sophia for playing Rosalía even though I missed it!). Some debuts came right on time. Miss Jay shined her light at Het Muzieklokaal (what vibes are made of), Kiernan Laveaux danced first row to Oceanic and Oceanic danced back first row to Kiernan. JASSS playing for the booty, the mind and the soul. After her, Simo did the bassiest closing we’ve ever had.

For May’s edition, I’m lucky enough to get to program what’s on my personal wishlist. A few artists that have been feeding my schooly dreams for a while.

I’m especially excited about DJ Koolt’s first appearance in The Netherlands. We’ve been following him since RA’s feature about the sound of Montevideo (recommended reading). He’s one of those local legendary figures that hasn’t yet toured Europe extensively. That makes things even fresher. Koolt has been an inspiration for Nicolas Lutz over his formative years so we have decided to team them up for the late Sunday afternoon vibes.

Parrish Smith and Tammo Hesselink both played iconic sets during the last two-room-night with Karenn and Sandrien. Hopefully the magic will return when they get to close the basement and open Het Muzieklokaal respectively one more time. It’s also time for Merel’s comeback. She did a warm up for Tzusing that stuck on my mind, so we also had to invite her again.

In my opinion, a weekender without a live set feels quite flauw (trying my newly acquired Dutch skills here). Programming live sets is something that I understand as a booker’s responsibility. Supporting not only the people who play the music, but the ones who actually make the music. For this reason I wanted to invite one of the best producers in The Netherlands: A Made Up Sound. Someone who has been making timeless bass-heavy records way before the hype about the UK sound blowed up. He rarely plays live so it’s a good chance to check him out. After him, Phillip Jondo will go next. Last time I saw Phillip was at Salon des Amateurs’ closing, we talked about the balance between nerdiness and fun. Real DJs get this. As Avalon Emerson said during her last visit: “no matter if you play at De School or at your neighbour’s pool party, a DJ should be able to make anyone dance.” Furthermore, Jondo has just brought out a fantastic compilation on his new label SPA recordings. It went directly to my favorite releases of 2019.

Later on Sunday, Lux will take over from Fenna Fiction. What they have in common is that they both play the most beautiful tracks. Moody and evocative songs that have soundtracked some of my best memories at De School. I still remember the first time I heard Lux. She was opening the basement during a weekender and I thought “who is this person and why isn’t she playing here every night?”. Same for Fenna, that time that she played ambient with Ben UFO in De Aula will stay with me forever. I’m all in for these musical connections. And honestly, every promoter out there should be booking these two.

If you ask me, my favourite weekender closings tend to be in the deeper side of things. Trancey and mellow but still carrying steady energy. That’s why we asked Garçon and Peter van Hoesen. The first one is yet another fresh addition to the scene. He sounds Dozzy-like and has been booked in some of my favourite festivals (Waking Life and Organik!). Peter van Hoesen doesn’t need much introduction, he masters techno’s deepest depths. It’s been a while since he played at our basement so it was about time to ask him back.

Moreover, the art program will include Sandberg interventions and a dance performance at De Aula. The garden line up will be announced later but expect some more spring vibes in the newly built huisje-booth.

Tickets for Het Weekend 04.05 – 06.05 are now for sale. 
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