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12.04.2019 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

We keep sending each other lists. Ravers send us lists of artists they'd like to see in the basement, DJs send us lists of people they'd like to play with and Elisa and me keep sending each other mails, links, excel sheets of artists we like. A few months ago Elisa had a list called 'dream weekender', which resulted in the fourth episode of Het Weekend, Season 4. You can find Elisa's idea behind those thirty-hours here

Job Sifre has a record in sending us lists of DJs and live acts he'd like to invite, we could compile a booklet of his wishes. For his May night we've asked Elena Sizova (also tipped by our production manager Laura!) from Belarus to deejay, and UVB (find his latest LP here) to play live. From Olf's list we've asked Carlos Souffront to come play again, from JP's it's Dasha Rush, for Objekt's series of schooly nights we've invited Mor Elian and Konduku, and Tom Trago will play along Tracey, on the exact day of Tracey's debut album release on Dial. The same evening we'll have Insanlar playing live in Het Muzieklokaal, to celebrate the release of their new album on Rush Hour, following the psychedelic poem Kime Ne that came backed with a Villalobos remix four years ago.

More Turkish pop in May: Subbacultcha has invited Jakuzi to play S105 on May 11, while at the start of the month Eartheater (new italo HIT here) returns to Subba's cozy concert room in De School. The second edition of De Happening (after last year's first with Zoe McPherson, Spinvis live and DJ and a bunch of cool artists in tribute to Simon Vinkenoog) will also partly happen at S105; for this follow-up we'll organize a long evening in tribute to the theremin (and its 100th anniversary!) and the energies of improv culture. First act locked in is the new project of Carolina Eyck and Eversines (who splits his time between making amazing dance music and working in De School's cafe), a full album around just two elements, theremin and voice, forthcoming on yeyeh next month

On May 24 and 25th we'll show a trilogy of Donna Verheijden's video work, after exhibiting the first part during the Tijdgenoten collaboration with LIMA. Around this time we'll hopefully also get to show the first results of the project with our first artist in residence, who will reside in the little house on our terrace and eat, sleep, work, live with us. Our first artist in residence will be Jemapur from Japan, more info on how to apply for the residence will follow soon. 

Back to the club, where in May we'll do a few more nights with two rooms open. Last month's night with Parrish Smith, Karenn live and Sandrien in the basement while Tammo played nine hours upstairs was promising, in similar fashion we'll do a night with Blawan and Nazira in the basement, while Identified Patient plays all night in Het Muzieklokaal. On May 31st Carista plays the full night upstairs and Bonobo and Mairo Nawaz play the basement. And on the 3rd Philou Louzolo returns to Het Muzieklokaal, to open for Russell E.L. Buttler (in conversation with RBMA here), while Peggy Gou and Elias Mazian play downstairs. For the final night of the month it's one floor with Dr. Rubinstein, upsammy and Cashu, here on our blog about her activism in Brazil, now needed more than ever.

Tickets for May are now for sale here.
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