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11.01.2019 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

The weekenders were never about raving as long as possible. They can be long, yes, but I guess the main point had something to do with opening up: stretching the hours, opening extra rooms, inviting artists who are not DJs, trying to offer some surprises. My favourite moments in De School are often performances I wasn't really aware of beforehand: a dance, ritual or monologue that I knew people were working on, but that in the moment felt like it came out of nothing. Last December's edition of Het Weekend was full of these moments were it felt like nothing was planned - though that probably was part of the plan. Carnivorous plants, lemons and pilates, trombone intermezzos. As much as the hits of the weekend, it are these happy and weird encounters that color the memories of the rave.

Back in the Trouw days I remember Olaf telling how hard it was to get people to the club on a Sunday morning. We're talking the start of the 24-hour license in Amsterdam, and this thing that people had wanted so much, dancing forever, didn't really take off. It's six years later now and before the weekenders I hear so many friends talking about their Sunday morning dance plans that I sometimes get scared if people are actually gonna come at all on Saturday night. There's something about it, Sunday morning, dancing when nobody else is. The energy of the unusual.

For 2019's first episode of Het Weekend we've invited Elias and Konduku to play the Sunday morning. In the afternoon it's the return of Eris Drew, mad miran, and (as some have said: finally) DJ Marcelle. Jane Fitz closes the basement, upsammy plays downstairs too, Job Sifre opens the dance (and it’s his birthday) and Kris Baha, CEM and SPFDJ follow, after previously sharing the bill at Herrensauna. One of the people we were looking forward to the most for this weekender unfortunately couldn't make it because of an injury (take care if you're reading!), but she will play in March instead, so there's something to look forward to.

February also marks a new run of Tijdgenoten, the first one in a long time. There will be neon, wood sculptures and a bull, all brought together in co-operation with gallery HE.RO (worth a visit! they're close to Garage Noord) (also, Garage Noord has a license till five in the morning from now, which underlines their status as best small club/bar/everything in town). I guess sometimes we were wondering what Tijdgenoten means, it translates to "Contemporaries" and it is about teamwork, but apart from that it is and should be open. Taking art out of the museum is a goal, but bringing it from a museum to the club by turning the venue into exhibitions rooms shouldn't be. During Het Weekend you can visit our Tijdgenoten throughout the building, and I hope the mix of music, text, sculptures and performances will feel like a happy mess.

Halfway the month Job Jobse organizes the third edition of his fundraiser day party, after previously raising money for SYVNL (Syrian Volunteers Netherlands) and Project Queer Welfare in 2017 and 2018. For this edition we will get together to host a dance in support of Mama Cash. Last ADE we collaborated with Resident Advisor on a fundraiser football tournament to contribute to their feminist activism, with this event we will try to help a little more. Their website offers a good insight into their projects, here explaining why it is "necessary is to do feminist fundraising in this late stage of capitalism". Or read here about their partners in Poland or The Netherlands. For the last fundraiser Jobse played twelve hours by himself, this time he has called in the help of dj-friends Kiki, Fenna, two others Jobs and me to shake up these twelve hours. All DJs will donate their full fees and from every tickets three euros will go to Mama Cash too.

From this year we're also gonna throw more parties with multiple rooms open, mainly because last time with Animistic Beliefs, Rouzbeh, Fenna and everyone else was so much fun. For Friday February 15 we've asked Oscar Mulero (hearing this in here was like wow) and Sandrien to play downstairs, and TITIA and DJ Normal 4 to play in Het Muzieklokaal, channeling different energies. Next day it's Interstellar Funk with Solar and Pasiphae (who made the best track of 2018 according to Jasmín!) opening. Furthermore we've asked Midland to share a night with Carista, Cinnaman has invited Optimo, Tom Trago plays all night and Makam, JP Enfant and Lewski (great track in Or:la's show here) do something of a local's affair. And, after inviting many familiar names for February we had one night still completely open, where Elisa felt we also had to do something "super fresh". So that's three debuts on one night on Saturday February 23: Deena Abdelwahed, Overmono and Zohar. And to close off, some bad and some good news: though the vibe at s105 for De Nieuw was great we won't use it for club nights anytime soon, BUT you can still visit that room by going to Subbacultcha concerts, maybe February 9  with black midi for some South-London math-noise?

Tickets for February are now on sale here.
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