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14.12.2018 | Words by: Emma van Meyeren

"Don’t be so mad, Miran”, Miran’s DJ name came about through a text from a friend after she was mad to be leaving the Intergalactic FM Festival before it ended. It describes Miran perfectly because she’s indeed hard to push away from a dance floor but at the same time, almost never mad. Setting us off on the wrong foot with the name works a lot better than naming herself in a way that actually suits her personality, like: funny, happy & cheerful Miran. Since just like this twist in her name, her sets are filled with twists and surprises. Just check out this wild break in her Strange Sound from Beyond set this summer. Even though she’s only 22 years old and hadn’t DJ’d out for a public until last year, Miran has years and years of partying and secret DJ’ing in her bedroom behind her. That explains why her ravey sets sound so carefully selected: Miran knows how sounds interact with a party space and a crowd that’s ready to dance. In preparation of her closing the club this Friday, we asked her some questions about J-Zbel, the French threesome that will do a live-performance before her.

Q: When did you first hear of J-Zbel?

A: I remember two years ago when I stumbled upon their first EP on Brothers From Different Mothers. It just got out and I was shocked. I just remember thinking: “What is this sick shit?!?! Why did I never hear about them before?!?!” I got super addicted to the track Lauren Misogyn. it’s pure hardcore rave. The song is constantly so hard but at the same time it’s building up.

Then I looked up more of them but you couldn’t find a lot about who they were. Just one other EP and one set. But I loved their wide sound. It could be hardcore, house or breakbeat. Just whatever they liked.

I saw them play (finally) for the first time at Katharsis this year in a warehouse room. Holy shit! I met them during this weekend and a few weeks later we were also on the same line up for Atlas festival in Morocco. There was even a night hosted by the whole Brothers from Different Mothers crew. It was interrupted by rain. It was so bad they had to turn off the music for a while but eventually the party kept going. I danced like crazy.

Q: Why did you propose them to come play for this night?

A: It took a while to come up with someone but finally Luc proposed J-Zbel after hearing me being excited about seeing them a couple of times last summer. We were trying to find a good act to join me on the first time of closing the club downstairs. Someone I connected with sound-wise. I think they are one of the live acts that really fit with my sound. Even looking at them play makes you excited. It’s like three jumping guys dressed like… Anonymous warriors?

Their sets made me dance every time and that’s what I try to do as a DJ as well. Like I said before: I try to keep it hard constantly but at the same time still building it all up. I’m also very excited to be joined by Tasker for this night.

I love what Tasker is doing with Whities. Their releases from Minor Science, Lanark Artefax and a really crazy one was just released from Overmono (!!). He knows which selections to choose for his label but also how to play them as a DJ. He will be perfect to open and build up the energy for the night.

Q: Can you name one track that summarizes the J-Zbel sound?

A: One track that summarizes the J-Zbel sound is a tough question, since they are capable of surprising me every time I see them. But since they are always connecting to this some kind of Ravey Oldschool sound it always works. It can be hard to create something that’s inspired by that music and sounds pure still, since there is so much already there. It seems like they just do what they feel like, exactly how they want to do it. You know, for a full 100%.

Q: If the guys who are doing J-Zbel now would delve into an entirely different genre, what do you think would suit them?

A: I don’t think I can think ahead of what would suit them. What suits them is what they do now! They’re doing whatever they want and Brothers from Different Mothers is such an exciting young French label.

Q: If you don’t listen to the ravey breakbeats we know you from, what other sounds do you listen to when you prepare for a night?

A: I started going actively to parties where the sound was more experimental industrial or techno but also to more UK stomping House, Garage or Psychedelic Trance parties and on the way slowly discovering what segments of these different genres I liked. I collect a lot of music that is all across the spectrum of genres. I take lessons from all these ‘genres’ to make my own vibe and set. That’s, for me, one of the most pleasurable things to do.

Q: Can we hear those sounds in your club-sets as well?

A: For sure, I play what I think would fit if I was dancing in the front at that same moment. That could be anything. You can reach energy levels with so many different sounds. It’s about the energy and keeping people going, especially in a club setting. My goal in a club setting is to just close my eyes and get into it. If you don’t want to pee during someone’s set because you just can’t leave the dancefloor, that’s the feeling I try to reach, you feel me? This Friday night will be my first closing set in De School and I danced there quite a lot of times myself. I witnessed many acts and vibes there and for this upcoming night I want to take things a bit harder. A proper closing set, a war battle dance zone. Big beats and breaks and surprises… !

J-Zbel, Tasker and mad miran play our basement tonight. Tickets are still available online and at the door.
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