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09.08.2018 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

Warm, warm, warm, warm. A summary of our office meetings last month and the foremost reason the garden became the epicentre of our club nights this summer. Last Friday it had Whities' Nic Tasker playing songs while sitting on the couch, in good company of like-minded usb-jockeys joining in, deejaying for friends in the fresh air. Two nights later, same couch, BEA1991 played a beautiful set, as dreamy as her new songs that probably find their way to a debut LP soon.

At the start of summer, the garden had been the heart of the collective tribute to sixties beat poet Simon Vinkenoog. Right before the whirlpool of poetry, ritual performances, violins, synths, chants started swinging, Edith Ringnalda (Vinkenoog's lover till he passed away) gathered everyone together under the trees for a blessing of the a night that would end with Oceanic playing a track by Spinvis & Vinkenoog as closing credits.

Some collaborations work out, others don't. This weekend we'll drive to Berlin to merge the Blank Generation into the School Generation. We've put together the program with their booker Hang Aoki, the artwork is done by our former intern Lion (whose exhibition is still on display in De Cinema) and the party consists of ://about blank and schooly residents, plus Stellar Om Source and Ben UFO, two mutual friends, in their club that has a garden too – even a shower. Like with IfZ, :// about blank feels like a club we can learn a lot from, a good reason to go there.

For September we'll collaborate on a panel discussion plus club night with Room 4 Resistance, which will most definitely be a good learning moment too. Not only do we often look at their programming for ideas – it’s their ideals and clear rules that keep telling us what can and should be improved. Working in a club you sometimes look back and see what could have done better. The recent Pride weekend is a good example of the fact that we should listen more often to understand and organize certain days and nights better sometimes.

Towards the end of the month we'll organize Het Weekend number seven this year, brought together by Elisa who has been making schooly line ups since December. It centers around Alexandra and Z@p from Melliflow on Sunday afternoon, while DJ Dustin will close the weekend in a kindred groovy spirit. On Saturday Luigi Tozzi plays the basement for the first time, on Sunday Eli Verveine debuts in het Muzieklokaal and in the garden LANOCHE will play live. It has been a big wish to invite since Elisa got introduced to her music by DJ Sprinkles, after which LANOCHE's Soundcloud became the soundtrack for her thesis writing.

After collaborating on the Christine Sun Kim exhibition last year, we'll get together with De Appel again, this time to join forces and show some works from their immense video archive. Many familiar faces return to the club in September: Nene H, Phase Fatale and Kangding Ray play on the Saturdays, while we have Valesuchi, DJ Python and Kr!z joining in for the first time on Fridays. Like always – most of our resident DJs are present once again, and a few boys who share their first name will join the list later.

Tickets for all September events go on sale Friday August 10th at noon. Het Weekend – September is already on sale.
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