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27.07.2018 | Words by: Mathys Rennela

Prolific producer and regular fixture of Ibiza's dance music scene, the Danish DJ S.A.M. (real name Samuel Andre Madsen) is coming this Sunday for his first extended set at De School, alongside DJ Dustin and Vlada. We asked him a couple of questions ahead of his set, to get a better idea of what is to be expected.

Q: Often in Ibiza, you also play a lot in France, London and Barcelona. What is your personal experience with the Amsterdam scene and what do you have in mind for this Sunday at De School?

A: I’ve never been to De School but Dustin has been telling me a lot about it and how amazing it is. Can’t wait to have a party. Simple as that. :)

Q: You’re playing quite often as Mandar, alongside Lazare Hoche and Malin Genie, how much does your personal style differ from your collaboration with them?

A: Quite a bit and that’s something we encourage in each other and really value. It’s what keeps our musical integrity and wellbeing intact and gives our sets and productions a unique synthesis. So we surprise and inspire each other more as well when we don’t go for exactly the same sound.

Q: Your two albums Dream State of A Bellmaker, and Retrospect One (out this year) feature a blend of house and techno, with dub, minimal and jazz influences. How did you come up with this particular style and who are your influences?

A: With Dreamstate Of A Bellmaker I wanted to literally start every track from silence and then search for worthy sounds to break that silence. Silence is precious and not something to mess up. Knowing when to stop a note is as important as knowing when to start it. Then after 2 years the album was there. Retrospect One is a curation of previously released tracks on my label Delaphine, tracks that had only been available on vinyl which I found could be enjoyed from a streaming platform as well.

Q: Your first album contains two 10+ minutes tracks. You’ve outdone yourself this year for your sophomore album, with a closing track which is nearly 30 minutes long. What attracts you in this particular kind of format?

A: I don’t particularly like long tracks, but sometimes the length can create a suspense or even the opposite - it can lay a foundation for your being. I often make ambient soundscapes to just play in a loop in the studio for hours while I do other stuff. The track Transfiguration from Delaphine003 is 30+ minutes and is not meant to give you all kind of different feelings but rather slide in like a soft carpet underneath your mind. 

Q: How would you describe the musical identity of your label Delaphine, on which you release most of your music?

A: Personal over perfect. I’m into a lot of different stuff and don’t want to restrict myself into keeping a perfect musical red line for Delaphine. The red line is that there is no red line. The next three Delaphine Records will come out rapidly between one another and will be good vibe party records. I haven’t done a record like that on Delaphine yet but it’s also part of me and therefore personal. 

Q: Can you tell us more about your plans for your label in 2018?

A: I’ve made three 12” Records ready for Delaphine, and since a lot of people call me ‘prolific’ I just named the records “prolific trilogy” and they will all come out this autumn. On Oscillat, we have some bomb records coming as well and on Delaphine I have the Dahlia995 out now and the 994 is coming in October. Busy schedule but I love it!

Q: What keeps you busy as a producer at the moment?

A: Making collabs, remixes, testing new gear and plugins and pushing myself to get better at the things I’m not good at like melodies or using my voice. The next Mandar records are also taking shape and then I’m planning something really special for Delaphine for early 2019.

S.A.M. is playing Het Muzieklokaal on Sunday July 29th alongside DJ Dustin and Vlada. More info and tickets here.
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