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03.05.2018 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek
Photo: Job Sifre

Yesterday the weather forecast looked quite good: sunny and dry – except for the two hours around sunset. Heavy rain was expected. At nine in the evening, Matteo Myderwyk started his solo piano (plus synths and electronica) concert in our garden, backed up by the ongoing rain sounds hitting the tent canvas above Matteo, his piano and the crowd. It’s often that nights like these end up being my favorites – rainy piano concerts in the garden, raving to acoustic music during the blackout night, or a theater play on a Wednesday evening while Tom Trago is soundchecking his new live set in the background. 

Visible Cloaks playing s105 (Subbacultcha’s small cool concert venue between our restaurant and the highway) on Saturday May 12th could very well be one of those nights. It’s Visible Cloaks’ first Amsterdam show I believe, organized in anticipation of Lentekabinet, where the line-up seems to get even better every year (Kelela! Ana Helder! Mozhgan! Nosedrip!). Also worth pointing out is the art program that is curated by Femke Dekker,  including the premiere of Aura Sato Lyndon’s art installation Hayfever. Late last year her collaborative work with Marlyn Kist de Ruijter for Call Super’s curated weekender made Het Muzieklokaal shine like never before.

In June we organize two nights in Het Muzieklokaal – for the first one Job Jobse has invited Optimo back to De School for a classic Optimo night, with a live concert at the very heart of it. At legendary Optimo nights in Glasgow’s Sub Club LCD Soundsystem and Liquid Liquid played short and intense shows in the middle of the night, for our version it will be Dollkraut’s band playing somewhere in the middle. For the final Friday of the month two other Jobs (seems like there’s four now?) will present their new yet untitled collective, along with wavy cousins Merel and Post Ave. A proper introduction to this crew’s plans will find the DS blog soon.

In an ideal situation we would like to have only one edition of Het Weekend to look forward to, avoiding possible mix-ups. This time there’s only three weeks in between two weekenders, so it seemed better to already give it away. Together with Nachtdigital’s Steffen Bennemann we have tried to put something together that can live up to the Nachtischool tradition, and I think it does.

Aurora Halal, Laurel Halo, Olivia and Leibniz are 100% the people I’d like to hear on a Saturday night; upsammy, Manamana, Leif and Jane Fitz seem like the perfect Sunday daytime DJ’s, and a Sunday night fading from Izabel to Mattheis’ live set and DJ So next to Steffen Bennemann all sound like appropriate end credits. New for this weekender is the addition of De Cinema where two of our technicians and strong holders will perform live shows as Kujo and Furor, accompanied by Unn’s visuals.

On June 15 Nadia Struiwigh will play the basement for the first time. We were already obsessing over her incredible album on CPU, and after upsammy and Jasmin returned with raving stories about Nadia’s set from Rewire Festival , we couldn’t really wait any longer. The Zenker Brothers will close the night, while another local affair in the form of Animistic Beliefs will play live. This short live recording of their show in the NTS studios is a good introduction and counts as a schooly office favorite already.

Next to the Zenkers our June program counts another Ilian Tape affiliate on Elias Mazian’s request, by the name of Skee Mask (new album coming out in two weeks and sounding heavy af). Finally, also XDB will play, who came to our mind again after seeing him on the peachy Nachtdigital program for this summer. For the Saturday before Jasper & Maarten have invited Private Press from Poland, two guys they’ve been emailing, calling, texting and telling me about for over a year. I’ve also been stalked by ROD fans since we opened (from private messages at night just spelling out the name R O D, to real life requests on the dancefloor) and I guess the only possible reply is: Sorry, I also don’t know why it took us so long.

After playing alongside Helena Hauff, Volition Immanent, JASSS and Nosedrip, Interstellar Funk will team up with Morah and Umwelt for the final night of the month: two members of Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder label and electro stars. In the first week of June Carista and Mairo join Night Slugs pilot Bok Bok (most anticipated compilation of the year?) while Guy will return for his second all night basement set a day later – at the start of 2016 as Makam, this time in the hybrid form of Talismann. All. Night. Long. Just like longtime friends Cinnaman and Tom Trago a week later, playing together from open to close, reinforcing their Yuro and Trago roots.

Tickets for all newly announced nights will go on sale on Friday May 4 at noon, on our website and through Resident Advisor.

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