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04.05.2018 | Words by: Alex Rigby
Photo by: Anne van der Weijden

This Saturday night in the Muzieklokaal, Identified Patient will play alongside Privacy and Steffi. On June 29th, Identified Patient will play in the club again - this time with Job Sifre, Post Ave and Merel. Ahead of these dates, we caught up with the Amsterdam-based producer and DJ to see just exactly what he’s plotting.

Q: Is Identified Patient the producer a different person to Identified Patient the DJ?

A: In my mind they are two different things, but they do now begin to balance a little better. Within a year they will align more and more. I’m DJing often and I would say that the upcoming Identified Patient stuff is as diverse as I’m playing in those sets. I think that I’m growing both as a producer and as a DJ. Of course, I still have a lot to learn, because I get blown away by other people’s productions everyday.

Q: Which of your own tracks do you find actually suit your current sets?

A: It depends on moods and the times I play. If I play a track I’ve made right now it’ll likely be Peaceful Panic that I made with Sophie Du Palais. And from the first Pinkman it’s the really slow tribal-ish track Het Geweten Van Afdeling Twee. I’m also testing out pre-masters on the floor and some other edits. They’ll be put online soon!

Q: In regards to DJing, what’s the best reaction to a track is that you’ve ever received, and what was it?

A: Haha, it’s this unreleased number with Sophie Du Palais coming out October/November on a new label from a few familiar faces. Maybe it’s because everyone is just being polite because they know who it is, fuck... but still, dancefloor destruction!

Q: Any other examples?

A: Last weekend, when it became late, late, late, I switched in my tempos, and just pulled everything away from this really steady groove. Around 10 seconds or so later I played Plastikman which is really slow and has this really nice and hopeful note. At some point we jammed on in this slo-mo mode and there was this utterly happy vibe. It felt really good. That’s a recent moment.  

Q: Are there particularly difficult or bad moments?

A: Last time at my NTS show, I was like, fuck, this needs to be good, and some track just didn’t work and I was like, shit, I’m at the NTS and I’m fucking it up, I’m just going to get the mic and speak over it to save it.

Q: Do you have a preferred way of bringing in tracks?

A: You can bring in the same track in a totally different way. It’s completely dependant on the night. It sounds maybe a little bit like an open door, but a track can lead to multiple things. Only you are in control of where that goes. What I’m saying is that it depends on the way you want them to be heard on that specific night.

Q: Can you give an example?

A: When I have this epic late night closing momentum, I like to play tracks more like a sort of live thing. You play them from the beginning to the end. If you hit them really good with the record you want to hit them with and it works out, you have like 3-4 next in line, you really don’t have to mix. For example, when I played The Prodigy - Climbatize recently, the track before I take away, away, away and... into this beatless moment. Everyone is thinking, what happened? Then… Climbatize. Really? Really!? And then it kicks in.

– That’s very cool.

So I guess in the beginning I’m quite technical and I build up a vibe with good mixing - kicks away, new kicks in – the classic stuff. But at some point you can be more playful. If you play over 1.5 hour the audience really wants that playfulness or it becomes boring. Which is also a technical move I guess. It depends on your criterium. Of course, you’ve still got to take things back with a tight mix. Get the balance right.

Q: What is the Identified Patient creative process?

A: It can be really fast or really long, I dont have any grip over it. That can be frustrating if you have a schedule. The most important thing is ‘de sfeer.’ It doesn’t have to be that technical, it just has to have some feeling in the moment. I have 1 or 2 samples that bring the feeling of the track, but there has to be some sort of energy level, and that doesn’t consist necessarily of beats, but something unique. It has to distract you and put your focus on that element. An element can also be created by multiple little elements. Again, it can be frustrating to not be able to grasp this “ thing”, but when it happens it brings the magic.

Q: Do you find it rewarding?

A: I’m sometimes literally screaming with joy when after a few hours something really nice is just sitting there all of a sudden. Something unique brings energy. I need one cool element. I mean it can come from literally anywhere. I’ve usually got a bunch of my YouTube tabs open. I have a sample map on YouTube and I sample weirdo stuff. I also enjoy resampling all my synths and effects - that can bring a lot of fun. Also, when I’m mixing everything at the end I see that some of the best tracks have only like 8 tracks, So that means 8 different channels with music in. I don't know what it is, but I guess simplicity sometimes does the trick.

Q: How do you know when it’s finished?

A: I make the core of my tracks live and direct. I find it hard to sit on the computer for the creative process. After that I kill my brain on doing the last arrangement and the full mixing. That is a different kind of job. But one has to do it.  

Q: Can you tell us about this new Pinkman album?

A: Ah, the new Pinkman album. It’s a double sleeve with 6 tracks, so 1x 12 inch and 1 x 10 inch. There are two really cool tracks with Sophie on the ten inch. And a 12 inch with 4 tracks containing slow beat, jacking territory, and some hypno madness. In my opinion, it’s all bits of things I like. Also, Sophie Du Palais is really good on these.

Q: One last thing - You, Job Sifre, Merel and Post Ave have some kind of mysterious scheme going on. Can you give us the lowdown on that?

A: The first night with the four of us will be at the end of June which is really exciting. And yes, we are indeed plotting something…

Identified Patient is playing Het Muzieklokaal with Merel, Job Sifre and Post Ave on Friday June 26th. On Saturday the 5th of May he'll play De School along with Privacy, and Steffi will do a live performance. Both nights are in Het Muzieklokaal, tickets online and at the door.
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