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12.04.2018 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek
Photo by: Woody'92

Where were you when the first Earthly mixtape dropped? Some mixes can be considered internet moments, and the first edition of Jam City’s Earthly mix series was one of them. The track selection ranged from Cocteau Twins and Whitney Houston in the first episode to DJ Mujava and Kate Bush in the second, Joni Mitchell and an excerpt from a bell hooks lecture in the third to a beautiful new version of Kelela’s LMK in the latest installment. Around seven years ago Jam City could still be found in deejay booths across Europe, like on this night in Trouw (shoutout Colors!) - with a line-up I’d still totally buy tickets for. But the last couple of years he spent mostly in L.A. producing David Byrne’s latest LP in collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never, and working with Kelela on the future classic Take Me Apart. I think it was in Berghain, when dancing to Kelela’s concert in the club’s main room with Avalon and Aurora that I thought of inviting Jam City to De School. I gave it a 90% no, a 10% yes. But then ten became a hundred and the rest of the line-up worked out itself. Two of the wildest deejays and equally talented musicians will join in: LYZZA (whose second live concert ever proved to be one of the highlights of Rewire Festival, amongst a lineup of stars) will close the night and Torus (here in conversation with Elias and De School blogger and overall excellent writer Emma van Meyeren for their fresh podcast series in Dutch called De Schemerzone) takes care of the first few hours.

Another artist I always wanted to invite – but never even dared to ask – was Tropic of Cancer.  However, after seeing her announced as part of Daniel Avery’s curated line-up for Nuits Sonores we gave it a shot and all fell into place. Sometimes school ravers give me these greats lists with requests of people they’d like to see at the club, and Tropic of Cancer was topping at least a few of them. Next day will be a day off so there’s a chance for everyone to dance to mad miran deep into the night (I'm actually listening to this beautiful mix by her right now, recorded for the traumgarten guys who’ll play our garden in July).

The first weekend of May will take place completely in our sunny small room, with two family nights in a row. On the first Friday of the month Shanti Celeste returns (after playing twice during the December weekender, closing both rooms in high fashion, shaking up the basement after Ben UFO and providing the closing credits side by side with Izabel in Het Muzieklokaal), joined by Woody'92 (thanks for the wondrous still life picture!) and Max Abysmal. The day after sees Identified Patient opening, Steffi playing a very rare live interpretation of her latest album and Privacy closing down the room on Steffi’s request.   

On Friday May 11, Hunee (whose Hunchin All Night compilation came out three days ago) will team up with Intergalactic Gary, and this night has been in the making for a while. A few weeks ago, I received this late night text message from Hunee: –"We should add JONNY ROCK to the bill of the night with Gary!! You know both have this oldschool punkrock vibe, would be so great." It’s this kind of excitement I can’t resist, and Hunee, Gary & Jonny quite does sound like a 60s rockabilly trio to me. Next day sees Lucy return with his curated night, joined by fellow Italian Marco Shuttle (who also provided a track to Lucy’s forthcoming compilation Flowers From The Ashes: Contemporary Italian Electronic Music) and the likes of DJ Nobu for a rare opening set.

Rhythm & Sound, Basic Channel, Maurizio, Ndagga Rhythm Force, it’s hard to think of anyone who had such a big impact on electronic music under such versatile aliases as Mark Ernestus. I’m not the right person to introduce him properly, I wouldn’t even know where to start – because once you start, you’ll be lost surfing and diving into his large catalogue for days. This beautiful conversation with Max Dax for Electronic Beats could be a good starting point for those yet unfamiliar, but really there are countless ways to delve into his discography. On May 18 he’ll play a long dubby opening set in our basement, followed by Robert Bergman, who can be found playing Ndagga records almost every weekend. A night that could work as a nice upbeat to our fourth weekender of the year, brought together by Elias and Job. For Saturday Job invited Elena Colombi and Solar to join him, on Sunday it’s Elias in the company of Sandrien, Saoirse, The Mole (the energy when Hunee played The Mole’s One-Sided Fool in the basement last December!), Moody Mehran and a bigtime mentor for the three of us, Olaf Boswijk in the early morning.

For the final night of the month JP Enfant will play a closing set, after Anetha from BLOCAUS and Blind Observatory for their schooly debut. Actually there will be one more night, but more news on that later. More important for now: on Thursday May 24 Subbacultcha will host synth-pop bands First Hate and CMON in their small concert venue s105 next to the restaurant. And for May 4 Subbacultcha has invited Kedr Livanskiy to the venue where we go dancing ourselves when we have a night off. Hearing this on a Friday night in Garage Noord sounds like the perfect dreamy start of the weekend.

We not only enjoy raving in Garage Noord, we’re happy that we are joining forces – for the first time officially! – for a free Kingsday celebration as well. I remember moving to Amsterdam nine years ago, going out early in the morning on Queensday, seeing Cinnaman, KC the Funkaholic, Antal playing records on a free party in the middle of town and seeing the city so full of life. Now years later almost all parties got banned from the city center, having to turn into professional pre-sale festivals. After requesting a license to do a free outdoor party for everybody on the terrace next to De School there was little hope we would get it, but it happened. The king’s birthday might be a silly occasion for all of this, but thanks anyway to His Royal Highness for giving us the chance to get together and bring some life back into town.

Tickets for all newly announced events in May will go on sale on Friday, April 13th, at noon. Check out the full schedule with all the info right here.

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