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25.04.2018 | Words by: De School
Photo by: Martijn Savenije

We are more than pleased to host De Koningsdag together with our friends from Garage Noord this year. We will throw a get-together at the terrace next to Café DS – or in the restaurant, depending on the weather conditions. We start at noon, and our program includes dj's and child friendly activities. Garage Noord’s kitchen will provide suitable snacks, until we finish at 20.00.

Our programmer Luc Mastenbroek already pointed out that the city council allowed us to host this get-together on King’s Day, pretty much against all odds. He stated that "(...) almost all parties got banned from the city center, having to turn into professional presale festivals. After requesting a license to do a free outdoor party for everybody on the terrace next to De School there was little hope we would get it, but it happened. The king’s birthday might be a silly occasion for all of this, but thanks anyway to His Royal Highness for giving us the chance to get together and bring some life back into town."

We bring this life back into town, and especially into the neighborhood we call home – Nieuw West –, not only by programming a selection of local dj’s on our terrace, but also by returning the favor to our friendly neighborhood. Therefore we have hosted several child friendly activities throughout the day, all in good old King’s Day fashion. The whole family is welcome at De School on April 27th.

Here’s a short summary of what the youngsters can expect. We start around noon, and please note that rain or shine, all activities will continue!

Children of the Light:

Children of the Light are, as anyone who embraced our basement-dancefloor’s spare glow knows, paradoxically not afraid of the darkness and call De School one of their fields for experimentation. As no other, this duo knows how to pass on the knowledge of shaping light and darkness on to the next generation. During the daytime they will host several workshops for kids between the age of five and twelve. These include:

Make your own kaleidoscopes
In this class, COTL propose a job a bit ‘more complex but extremely fascinating. It is the making of a kaleidoscope, a structured game of mirrors and fragments of colored glass or plastic, to create infinite geometric figures, symmetrical reflections of light, colorful patterns.

Can we write with the light?
The task of this group, is to compose a lighting text or a lighting figure (with the help of diverse lighting sources) into the dark room available for this class, and capture the moment. The photographs will be disposed to the little participants in the end of the workshop.

Let’s make our own luminaires
As a closure of this daily workshop, kids are invited to make their own lighting luminaires, under the guidance and of COTL, using a wide range of materials available for this class. COTL will be sharing many inspiring ideas of unusual and immersive luminaires.

Hala & Floortje:

Self portrait collage
There will be mirrors installed in the workshop space, and Floortje and Hala will ask the kids to look at themselves, and make a self portrait from all materials provided, like newspaper clippings, ribbons, paint, colored papers and photographs. With this workshop they’d like the kids to embrace diversity and create self aweress and mutual respect for differences, all in a very playful and spontaneous way.

Upcycling workshop
In this workshop, Floortje and Hala will inspire the kids to show how to make unique, functional items from stuff that has previously been labeled as waste. During the workshop they will cut, bend, stitch and glue all of this together into clothing, tools or suits. Think of skirts, hats, bags, masks and other accessories. Once they're done, the kids can take their creations to the photo booth, and take a photo and their new toys home with them.

Apart from the workshops there will be a bouncing castle, a child friendly assault course, and typical Dutch games, a pingpong and a foosball tournament, and a food court.

Furthermore, here’s the timetable for the musical part of the day:

12-14 Porto Verde
14-15 LYZZA
15-16 Woody'92
16-17 Bredt & Kumasi
17-18 Cinnaman & Max Abysmal
18-19 Arif & Oceanic
19-20 Carista & Beraber

Het Muzieklokaal will open later that evening around 23.00, and Jayda G, Kornél Kovács and Carista are playing.

We’d love to see you on Friday, rain or shine!

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