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08.03.2018 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek
Photo: Minor Science

Most of my favourite moments at De School are the ones I’m not involved in. Things happening spontaneously, people bringing other people along. For the opening of his exhibition ‘the new reach’ last Thursday, Ad de Jong invited Alex Andropoulou to open the night with a free-jazz concert, joined by Kim David Bots on clarinet. On the coldest night of the year, they played right at the entrance, before people could even drop their winter coats at the cloakroom. Later that night, Alex joined in a very physical acrobatic performance along Zahar, in the middle of De Aula, among the sculptures. A performance so full of energy I had to repress the urge of filming it with my phone. An hour later another rush of energy filled the room when Karel sang his hits – but Saturday is not my night, Saturday is not my night.

Before we opened De School we decided not to do any hostings or showcases – when you work together week in week out it can be pretty dreadful to receive daily mails proposing takeovers. There’s something aggressive to it, it’s not only the taking, but taking it all over. Then what’s left for us to do? But sometimes, actually, always, it is nice to collaborate, especially when you’re actually excited about each other’s work.

This April, the (kind of) new Rush Hour store celebrates its second anniversary. We’re gonna celebrate this together at De School. Some Rush Hour staff members will play at De Tuin, another few Rush Hour affiliates will play at the club, and Nosedrip, Carlos Souffront and Charles Manier will play our club for the first time. For Charles Manier (who has just released an amazing hip hop LP  as Dabrye) it will be his first live show in The Netherlands and from what I’ve heard it’s going to be very special. A nice introduction into his music can be found at the start of this NTS show by DEBONAIR, who will play De School a week later on a night curated and opened by Midland, also joined by Bruce (I love everything about him, but this remix omg).

While the weekend of April 7, 8 and 9 embarks Het Weekend with Rush Hour, there’s also something happening in The Hague under the flag of Rewire Festival. It might just be a nice mix to do a bit of both, because I honestly can’t think of a better weekend than seeing Nosedrip, Tolouse Low Trax and Carlos Souffront at De School, while also having the possibility to hear the schooly Umfang, Karen Gwyer, Lyzza (her live show at De School being one of 2018’s highlights already), JASSS, Oceanic and Avalon Emerson in the Hague. Just a tip.

Oceanic also plays De School in April, on a very dreamy night. Machine Woman will play live, Objekt will play records and Minor Science (what’s your most loved Minor Science classic? drop it in the comment section!) will close the night (thanks for the sweet still life Angus!).

A week later on Saturday, Luke Slater will play the basement as LB Dub Corp, accompanied by Jasper & Maarten. One of De School’s founders still talks about one certain Slater show at MC Theater in 2011. Recently I got hooked on his Drone Sector LP after hearing this in Powder’s amazing Crack mix. On the Friday before it’s Jayda G (this should be an appropriate anthem for today #IWD2018), Kornél Kovács and Carista at Het Muzieklokaal until the sun comes up.

The month starts with Vic Crezée’s electro night on Friday April 6 with Danny Daze and Titia, on Saturday April 14 Silent Servant joins Job Sifre (a year after they played together during Job’s first gig in the basement) and Friday April 20 sees Samo DJ, Cinnaman and Casper Tielrooij at Het Muzieklokaal. In the same room we’ll celebrate the release of Tom Trago’s fourth album (and if I can say his best) with a live concert by Tom in tribute to his beautiful place out in the country of Bergen.

Tickets for all April events go on sale on Friday 9th of March at noon. Tickets for Het Weekend are on sale now.
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