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03.03.2018 |

For this early springtime edition of Het Weekend, we asked Arif Kornweitz to curate the musical score for De Aula on Sunday. Last Thursday, during the fifth edition of Tijdgenoten, we celebrated the opening of Ad de Jong’s exhibition called ‘the new reach’, with De Aula being the exhibition’s epicenter. The space now contains three colorful, energetic and large-scale sculptures, while the entire exhibition stretches all the way into Het Kunstlokaal, De Cinema and De Garderobe – the largest in De School thus far. It includes new and existing sculptures from the 90’s until now, and kindly requests the beholder to wander among the huge abstract works, allowing playful interaction instead of merely passive observation. 

Arif attended the opening, and Ad de Jong’s was impressed by specific view on the relationship between the beholder and his works. “The overall atmosphere at the opening was great – people were constantly smiling. I think this is because Ad de Jong wants to invoke a playful interaction with his works. His works make visitors feel at ease and so a bond between you and the work can arise more easily” he says.

“On Sunday, we’re going to play live music and play records for 12 hours. We will use an extra set of speakers, which you can only hear while being at a specific place in De Aula. In some places, you will hear a different sound on top of the main sound channel. In that way, we try to relate to the way that Ad de Jong’s sculptures redefine the aula” Arif adds. "We've also installed speakers throughout the building we have created over the past few days."

Together with Job Oberman, De School resident known as Oceanic, Arif invited French sound artist Aude van Wyller who curates the Missing Numero Festival, and Simon Restino, a French artist and dj, to join them for this project. They met the two at a residency for sound curators in Assisi, Italy, on invitation of Space Caviar studios.  Arif explains: “I was asked to bring another musician or sound artist to the residency, and asked Job Oberman, aka Oceanic to join me. Over the course of a week, we worked with two groups from Italy and two groups from France and prepared a concert. At the end of the week, the pieces were performed in an ancient crater in the mountains, at a depth of eighty meters.”

The collective will start in De Aula at 11am in the morning. Around 5pm, when the sun sets and creates the most colorful gleam around Ad de Jong’s works, Abe Vink will join them by playing live. Arif on Abe: “Abe is young musician who recently released his first album on the Leipzig based label Doumen Records. It’s one of the most beautiful experimental works I’ve heard in the last years. I’m very excited that he will be joining us – and because he will release a new record in the near future.”

De Aula during Het Weekend – Sunday from 11 until 11. Tickets for Het Weekend still available.

Words: Twan Stoffels
Photo by: Anne van der Weijden
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