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20.12.2017 | Words by: De School

Ever since we started out a little under two years ago, we had the idea that our building should function as a city within a city. With every city that grows and develops organically, a city center originates. As time passes, this core strengthens and becomes an indispensible part of the whole. For us, it has been clear from the beginning that Café DS should function as our city center – the beating heart that displays everything we do and stand for under this roof.

But let's not get lost in metaphors: Café DS should be a great place to enjoy a beer or a sandwich, regardless the weather conditions or time of the year. We think that after a short renovation, it is able to fulfill this role even better, and we'd like to give you a short update on what's new:


Since Café DS should be the place that truly showcases the symbiosis we try to establish within this building, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we asked Children of the Light to do a main light piece for the café. They did so at this year's ADE edition of Het Weekend, and we're more than happy that they're expanding their 'ultimate playground' into our café. Furthermore, there's more light in general, thanks to art deco lighting above every tabletop.


We've improved our lunch menu. Don't be afraid though: the usual suspects and Café DS favorites are still on there. We've added some more vegan options, a shakshuka with piperade, sweet potato, eggs from the oven and bread. There are more toasty options available, and a vegan baba ganoush option. For meat lovers there's a cannibal sandwich with steak tartare. Peep the full menu here.

Also note that between Christmas and early January, there won't be a diner menu in Café DS since we're working on a new menu for this as well.

The beer menu also got expanded: we now serve Oedipus, Gebrouwen door Vrouwen and De Eeuwige Jeugd, among others.


A short while ago, The Future set up a mini library in Café DS, put together with various publishers throughout Europe. Whenever it seems appropriate, a few books are selected from the mini-library, which naturally highlight an unplanned theme. This forms the base for a poster that is replaced with a new one, right next to the mini library.

The Future is an independent printer and publisher based in Amsterdam, and is situated within the premises of De School. The Future gives small and/or experimental ideas, that could have a large impact, an opportunity to communicate through the print medium. By initiating, collaborating, and co-creating, The Future publishes installations, exhibitions, and researches that inevitably lead us to print books, magazines, pamphlets, and the sort. Though based in Amsterdam, The Future collaborates and distributes internationally. 

"We usually think that books in a library are only communicating with the human that peruses the shelves. However, if you pay attention, you will notice that books when placed next to each other, naturally tell a new story, or provide an insight into a new theme — as if you are privy to their conversation."
Information about each publisher can be found on the bookmark in each book. The associated publishers are:

- MACK Books
MACK is an independent publishing house based in London. We work with artists, writers and curators, as well as leading cultural organisations to produce art and photography books. For many of the artists with whom we collaborate, the book form is their primary medium of art.
- Open Editions
Founded by David Blamey in 1992, Open Editions operates as an independent publishing platform for creative collaborations between artists, designers, academics, writers, curators and critics. An ethos of experimentation and equality underpins this work: theory and practice are combined and artists and writers exchange ideas on a level playing field. Each of our projects is undertaken as a bespoke enterprise. New titles are conceived, resourced, designed and produced by contributors whose ideas coalesce around topics of interest held in common. Often an approach is employed where experts from diverse fields of practice conduct a dialogue, as opposed to making singular statements. In this way, Open Editions’ publications are conceived as workshops of ideas that contribute to an expanded notion of both making and writing about art.
- Archis
Archis is an experimental think tank devoted to the process of real-time spatial and cultural reflexivity and action. Archis has a long running experience in publishing the various incarnations of Volume magazine. Rather than asking what, how and by whom, Archis has always asked the ultimate question to the raison d’être of architecture as a medium of culture: Why?

The mini library will grow book by book, on a regular basis. To get in touch, send an email to, or walk down the hall next to our office space.


We've created more surface for you to work, to read, to chat and have drinks. The tables are larger, the stools are numerous, and there are more sockets for you to keep your gear juiced.


Without further ado, we'd like to invite you to Midwinter at Café DS, this Thursday evening starting at 17.30, to see the new Café DS with your very eyes. There will be mulled wine, campfires, traditional Dutch pea-soup (also vegetarian), and a documentary screening on the rise and fall of disco music. Afterwards there will be live music by Stippenlift.

Furthermore: there's five consecutive club nights between Christmas and New Year's Eve (check out our program here), and we'll open Café DS on New Year's day during the first hours of De Nieuw, to get you fueled up with a special Bloody Mary offer, but more on that later. CHEERS!
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