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01.12.2017 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

Lucy's curated nights at De School have been forming a particular story, from the first night with Paula Temple, to wild affairs with Oake's power-powerful live show, Lady Starlight's modular drum workout, Kangding Ray's frosty night beats and Rrose's expressive hybrid shows. I've come to love the rituals of this collaboration, working with Lucy on the nights, meeting again, talking about the Sicilian sun, yoga practices, drinking the driest wine in house, opening the night with a cup of tea, a cigarette. Tonight we close off this second year of teamwork with Lucy's first all night set in the basemenent. 

In anticipation of the night I asked Lucy to talk us through a few possible transitions for tonight, crossroads in the narrative of a long night.

Philipp Glass - Prophecies
+ Kraftwerk - Radioaktivität
Diving into my loneliness when the floor is completely empty. Search for focus and artistic discipline.

Prince Of Denmark - 8
+ Actress - Fantasynth
...slowly introducing some beats

Krikor Kouchian - Niños Matadores
Helena Hauff - Gift
Going weirder and more “aggrovators” to take distance from a non-signature set and from easier choices of architecture

Roma Zuckerman - Robologia (Voice Ring Edit)
+ Qaurtz - Meltdown
Developing the previous step into something of slightly more common language code to the crowd

Lucy - The High Priestess (Blawan Remix)
+ Yotam Avni - Modern Matters
Full immersion into subconscious and into a modern sense of techno

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
+ Dsordne - Tristi Di Rabbia
Closing section - when everything is allowed and it all comes together

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