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04.10.2017 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

November is a good month for music in the city: John Maus, Perfume Genius (who’s also invited Mary Margaret O’Hara for his curated program), Pharoah Sanders and Grouper (in the Domkerk!) are all playing Le Guess Who Festival, The Residents play The Rest Is Noise at Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ; Smerz and Blue Hawaii play for Subbacultcha at our school, while they bring Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Happy Meals to the Melkweg. And something I just found out about: Georgian folk poet Aşıq Nargile plays OCCI at the end of the month.

When I looked at our November program, I realized something funny had happened. So many things that had been in the pipeline for a long time, all flowed out this month. After hearing nothing but exciting stories about Gesloten Cirkel’s new liveset at Mira Festival in Barcelona last year, I’ve been wanting to invite him to the club and I’m happy it’s gonna happen on a very intergalactic night with interstellar guests. A Friday night for the Saturday regulars.

Another person I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time is Gunnar Wendel, who also goes by the name of Kassem Mosse. I remember seeing him play at Nachtdigital’s lakeside in 2009, and again in the tent two years later, even more powerful. Last summer he played again in a bigger formation, under the fly monniker KLM, as Kassem Mosse, Lowtec and Mix Mup, which I couldn’t see but sure must’ve been good. In November two-third of the collective is coming to our school, accompanied by Oceanic and Workshop affiliate / School star Resom (thanks for the wondrous still life!) on closing duties.

Ever since daily dancing to Andorra in my bedroom I’ve been in love with Dan Snaith’s music, and after sending emails back and forth for almost a year, he’s coming to play a looong DJ-set as Daphni, while Izabel takes care of the first hours. Talking about Daphni made me remember something I’d almost forgotten: the night Job and I interviewed, or tried to interview, Four Tet and Caribou in Utrecht, almost seven years ago. We had zero experience and were super nervous, and our only goal for the interview was just to, sort of, be there. So maybe it wasn’t at all so bad that the interview had disappeared from the internet, and that we lost the recording, and that my email account with the interview file in it got deleted, but in the end it made me sad too. And therefore I was even more happy when Job found a transcript of the conversation in his mail a few days ago, which I slightly edited, but mostly left the way it was. You can find the conversation here.

A little over a week ago, Young Marco invited Special Request (who’d just delivered an epic 4LP (!) album) to play all night with him in the basement, and the result was rather special. Sampled jungle breaks under and over layers of ambient, accompanied by extra tropical drums. At the start of November Young Marco will take part a maybe even wilder combination, playing together with Jamie xx from start to close.

The end of November sees JP Enfant playing Het Muzieklokaal for the first time, taking care of the warming up and cooling down for FORMA, a live improvised cosmic techno trio from Brooklyn. A few weeks before De School opened, JP and I found out about our shared love for their modular synth album on Spectrum Spools, and after hearing them live at World Minimal Music festival last spring, I'm happy we can bring them to Amsterdam now again.

Yesterday I found Makam’s new 12 inch on my desk (thanks Guy!), two versions of Blinded by the Exit Light, a reference to the first months of De School when the exit light behind the DJ booth was very very strong. Makam will share the night with Steffi, who just released a dreamy new album on Ostgut Ton. On Sunday November 19 DJ Dixon will play an early evening set to early night set as part of his all night tour. Cinnaman invites Gunnar Haslam from The Bunker NYC on Saturday November 25 – which brings back the memory of Bryan Kasenic playing this incredible track at De School last spring. Sandrien invites TITIA and Mr. Tophat on Saturday November 11, which might hint at a new chapter in the Sandrien x De School love story. And on November 18 the tradition of Job Jobse birthday parties continues, where a yet untitled night will try to follow up last year’s De Trance party. That will be hard, but Elias will join, I’ll step in too, and Nikki Hock will take care of the lights and strobes to transform the basement in a color rain.
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