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07.09.2017 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

DJ. Stingray. I had this feeling I’d seen him play before, and I probably did, but when I heard him play at the Adriatic seaside of Tisno two weeks ago, I realized it was the first time I actually heard, felt and experienced his music. There’s nothing like it. Really. It was my personal highlight of the summer (okay, okay, shared with hearing Dr. Rubinstein close Berghain, Objekt at Lentekabinet and Oceanic at Wildeburg). Last Saturday, dancing to Alessandro Adriani’s set somebody asked me when Stingray was finally gonna come to the club – and I was happy I could finally say it’s happening. He probably doesn’t need any introduction, but if any it should be this beautiful conversation with Angus Finlayson for Resident Advisor. Too many quotes to point out, but here’s the one that made me smile the most, Stingray on his high speed mixing technique: 

"I feel like, 'Man, I should be doing something.' When that record is playing, I can't stand there. I don't smoke, and I'm not going to lift my mask up to take a drink, so I might as well put on another record. You know me, I want to keep it exciting."

Warming up (which might be a bit of an understatement here) is Noncompliant aka DJ Shiva from Indianapolis, a nice introduction can be found here. The heavy task of closing the night rests on the shoulders of Robert Bergman, who’s been through closer calls for sure. (Don’t forget to keep an eye on his Brew label!) A tip for the heads, to turn this night into an extended event of powerful music: start the evening with Ex Eye, as part of The Rest Is Noise, at Bimhuis. Colin Stetson's new metal band might just be the perfect prequel to a Stingrayish night.

Also last Saturday, School runner Mick told me that Phase Fatale used to be connected to great wave projects, which I didn’t know. I did hear stuff from his upcoming debut LP and it blew me away, and I’m happy to hear he’ll do his live album presentation at De School alongside Elena Colombi and Thomas Martojo.

The first Friday of October we’ll keep the basement closed and open Het Muzieklokaal for a party with Fred P, Khotin and Max Abysmal. The connection between Max and Khotin is already there, and I’m still surprised it all came together so nicely. When Khotin told me he’d be coming over from Vancouver to Europe for a week I was very keen on making it happen, but then it didn’t, and then it eventually did. So it goes. I remember talking to DJ Dustin, about how I thought his sound worked so well in Het Muzieklokaal, and him saying it were the Fred P records that sounded especially good. Now Fred P and our sunny room can finally meet. 

October says ADE (quite loud sometimes), but I remember how last year the Saturday after ADE (with The Invariants plus The Hessles) brought out more energy than I’d seen during the whole of the dance event days. This year Mairo will do the Friday (thanks for the Yu-Gi-Oh! still life sweetheart!) accompanied by Esa and Beesmunt Soundsystem. In this flute-obsessed year, Flute Valley has been blowing some serious whistles, convincing even the most persisting flute sceptics. 

The weekend before the black and yellow days wil see Hunee from start to close on Friday, while Norman Nodge and Esther Duijn will divide the Saturday. On Thursday the 19th, Subbacultcha brings the fabolous Fade to Mind label to Het Muzieklokaal, with Kingdom, MikeQ and Leonce in charge. Cool down before use.
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