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15.09.2017 | Words by: Alise Akimova

A grinding four-to-the-floor beat holds great potential when it comes to uniting people on dance floors and forming new friendships. Although local music scenes start out in a particular area and thrive on the residents that bring about their own certain charm, they are unique reflections of individuals seeking out new meanings. Scenes then expand, thanks to the desire of likeminded people to connect with each other, and with a little help from 21st century infrastructure.
Processes like globalization not only brought on consumerism and economic expansion, they also propelled cultural exchange in the form of music as an escape for individuals. One's place of residence does not determine musical taste the way it used to.

The Russian-native electronic music artist Inga Mauer has been obsessed with dark beats from international labels such as Bunker Records and Underground Resistance. Hoping that one day she could move to the edge of the Earth, and find someone like her who loves her favourite labels just as much as she does, she did find soul mates from across the globe eventually.

As an alien from the East, therefore Inga makes an excellent addition to Coméme, a label by Chilean-born Matias Aguayo (also having artists like Lena Willikens, Ana Helder and Sano under his wing). Coméme is a label that is global in the truest sense of the word, and resembles more of an international network and family for artists who felt alienated from the global techno scene. For Coméme, it is all about sharing a same attitude or spirit towards music, while standing for music against tunnel vision, against discrimination and against bigotry, as stated by Lena Willikens in this cool Dummy Guide to Coméme.

Coméme’s attitude overlaps with Inga Mauer’s ideas on fluidity:
“Things change too much and nothing really stays constant, so my music, a little like the real people, is diverse. There is always a spectrum of feelings, but each of these feelings is precious! I don't like to put my music in a box, the same way that I don't put my life in a box or a place or a city. The fluidity of living everywhere but also not really living anywhere is liberating!

So her Bon Voyage radio show for Radio Coméme is truly a pleasure as a journey for the mind to listen to. Often the show contains music with spoken-word messages, and then moves on to surprisingly transport you into a world of daunting synths. The diverse sounds emphasize that she would like to take tell you a story while on a journey, sometimes taking unpredictable turns. Sometimes celebrating her all-time favourite The Hague Bunker Records label, other times surprising us with a selection of new wave tracks from the Soviet era

Her music productions also feature homages to a nomadic sense of existence, drawing inspiration from places like airports and forests. Her first EP “From Cologne to Clone” on Barcelona’s Hivern Discs label stands for the route from the German city to Rotterdam she used to commute: grinding yet percussive machine jams, they create a dystopian vibe carried by slow-motion house. Trancey synths send off to outer space explorations.

It is apparent that Inga is a diverse artist makes music from passion and knowledge, drawing inspiration from endless journeys. The connection lies only within the music itself, detached from other contrasts like those between East and West, North and South, and shows that people can form new and distant communities in a tradition of experimental music and artistic freedom. Inga seems to draw inspiration from the absence of geographical ties to a certain place. The absence of those tells a story on it’s own. For the journey in De School we can say for sure it will be an unpredictable one, taking unknown routes and possible uncertain detours.

Inga Mauer will play De School on Saturday September 16, along with Rødhåd. More info here.
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