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12.09.2017 | Words by: Floor van Hulsen

Although the summer season at De School has been a bit dull in a meteorological sense, we we can happily state that the numerous thrilling exhibitions and performances that took place under our roof generously compensated all the rain. This fall we'll continue this pattern by opening the score with a fresh and remarkable exhibition called 15/LOVE. What popped into mind when you read the title of the exhibition? Did you think of teenage love or did the image of a close game of tennis come to mind? It could be both, but let’s start by exploring the latter. Let the games begin.

For previous exhibitions we teamed up with several likeminded institutions, but this time we decided to take a different approach. De School is now opening its doors to Sjoerd Tim and Ian de Ruiter, who came up with the concept of a sculpture garden on an indoor tennis court. A tennis court? Why yes, a tennis court. Being intrigued by the concept of an indoor garden (perhaps because we have and outdoor indoor garden ourselves?), we decided to hop aboard this experimental and alienating ride.

Rather surprised, I called Hélène Webers who organised 15/LOVE, to see if I could find out if we we’re going to dig deeper into love or tennis. Hélène works together with artists and has been following Sjoerd’ and Ian’s work since their collective involvement for an artist collective known as De Service Garage. As such, she was aware of their ambitious plans for an exhibition and decided to make it happen.

First, I asked Hélène to tell me more about the tennis court, because I honestly didn’t get it. She told me the tennis court is a playful alternative to the classical version of the sculpture garden. Just like in the game of tennis, there are a couple of rules, but the progression of the game is dependent on a lot of coincidence, insight and above all – imagination.

But how is this related to the art that will be displayed on the court? Sjoerd and Ian play with the idea of coincidence in different circumstances, and how new meaning seems to arise every time. Just like a game of tennis. The rules always remain the same, and yet each and every game of tennis ever played is a different game. Imagine the outcome when you shake up the only constant parameters: remove all rules, and change the court into a completely abstracted version of what it used to be. Hang not one but two nets, and allow the right-angled white lines to intersect diagonally.

Different sculptures will meet in a sculpture garden in the form of a tennis court, built on actual gravel inside De Aula. In the sculpture garden these objects are on autonomous display. It’s up to you to give this meaning. Don’t be afraid to spot a few connections or to see no connection at all. What you get is a new playful world where you don’t have to do anything. Well, maybe use some of your imagination.

In this sculpture garden eight artists will be participating and half of them are displaying work made especially for this exhibition. The visitors get to be the first to see these works. Expect grand sculptures to play with the space and time in which you are located. A wonderland of mechanical figures, some rather static, others fluent. Another fun fact is that all the material used to build the tennis court are superfluous materials from the ceramics industry. Ace!

De School sincerely invites you to the opening of 15/LOVE on Thursday the 14th of September. Put on your tennis shoes and step into another world full of coïncidences that lead to new connections. 

General info:
Artists: Sjoerd Tim, Ian de Ruiter, Kasper de Vos, Bram de Jonghe, Tim Breukers,Markus Karstiess, Ana Navas, Semâ Bekirovic.
Opening event: September 14th at 19:00, entrance through Café DS
Exhibition: 15th of September until October 8th
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, from 14:00-22:00 and during regular club nights

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