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22.08.2017 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek

For this year’s edition we’re going to shake it up a little. Last year was fun, but the different nights felt a bit like separate islands. One island for techno, one more house, the other more disco. While the reality of our nights is a mix-up: it’s Antal playing old Rachmad records, Steve himself playing boogie, Hunee playing Pearson Sound, A Made Up Sound playing disco (last Saturday!), Izabel playing electro, Josey Rebelle playing banging techno. There’s never really house nights, nor techno nights, it’s mostly just nine-hour events that move in different directions.

Instead of slicing our dance event into different pieces, connected to different disciplines, subcultures and genres, we’ll bring it all together under one umbrella. This means we’ll open our doors on Friday evening and won’t close until Monday morning. In between there’ll be concerts, numerous light installations by Children of the Light, art interventions by Sandberg Instituut and long DJ-sets. DJ’s will play in the club basement, Het Muzieklokaal en De Tuin, while concerts will happen in De Aula and Het Muzieklokaal.

The DJ’s have all played here before, most of them many times. Even more so than last year our dance event is a get-together of people that helped shape De School and thus know the sound, the room and the crowd. There won’t be many surprises, and we’ll announce everyone as soon as everything is ready.

On Friday evening we’ll host an opening concert in Het Muzieklokaal with Kara-Lis Coverdale and RAMZi, both from Canada (which is a coincidence, don't call it a theme night). RAMZi already played De School for Subbacultcha, a little over a year ago. We loved that show, and we love her latest EP on Mood Hut and we’re happy she’s coming back. Kara-Lis Coverdale’s Touch Me & Die blew our minds when we heard it first, and her twenty minute mini-album Grafts is one of our favourites this year. I saw her live at a lakeside in Olganitz, Germany, two weeks ago, and it indeed proved to be the perfect soundtrack to the start of the night.

After twenty-four hours, on Saturday evening, we’ll host two concerts again, this time in De Aula, where Iona Fortune and Oceanic will both play. The concerts accompany a light installation by Children of the Light, while the rest of the room will be filled with darkness, smoke and pillows. It’s a seated concert and there will be limited capacity, so don’t be late. In between the concerts JD Twitch will play an astral DJ-set for travellers. Iona Fortune’s LP on Optimo is a wonderful spiritual exercise and we can only wonder what it’s going to sound like live. Opening will be Oceanic, who played his first live show at World Minimal Music Festival last spring (between Suzanne Ciani, Mark Ernestus, Midori Takada!), and he will now bring his cosmic synth concert De School, after exploring the building as a DJ since the very start.

And there will be more live shows during the weekend: Stellar Om Source will play the basement on Friday, while Aurora Halal presents a new liveset on Saturday night. Please be welcome, our dance event will run from Friday early evening until Monday morning – come dance on Saturday and stay for the concerts, or drop by for the concerts and stay for the night. Doors are open.
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