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16.05.2017 | By: Emma van Meyeren

no elitism, no prejudices, no genre,
hypnotic, tense, comprehensible, a state of mind
Parrish Smith

Like all things that are hard to define, it might be easier to describe what it is not than to describe what it is. Not elitist, unprejudiced and without a clear genre, Dutch triple-threat Parrish Smith, Robert Bergman and Xosar have in common a sound that is best defined by what it is not—from the negative space outside of the deep abyss of their sound.

Although Xosar was born in the U.S., we quickly came to claim her as Dutch while she was taking over the world multiple synths at a time. The internet is filled with stories about her gear-heavy approach to sound. Said to have shared a house with five(!) rooms dedicated to synths together with Legowelt when she just moved to the Hague, Xosar’s connection to gear is characterized by a certain abundance.

It is not just her production that relies heavily on a multitude of instruments. Her live appearances are also often accompanied by more than one synth. That much became clear during her Boiler Room set three years ago, where she (to the surprise of some viewers) brought out several electribes. Her sound then becomes instantly distinct from DJs that might use cdjs, vinyl or laptops. It’s unmistakably not an uncomplicated approach to sound.

In some way, the connection between the technical, overflowing and yet impartial aspects of Xosar’s sound seem to always turn back into itself in a way that’s almost like a droste effect. Not repetitive, not monotonous and definitely not uninspired, the recursion of the droste effect is an endless journey into nothingness that is instantly captivating and continuously absorbing.

It might not be a coincidence to find the same recursive characteristics on Robert Bergman’s Soundcloud, where he calls himself: “yo favourite dj’s favourite dj’s favourite dj’s favourite dj’s favourite dj.” Together with Xosar and Parrish Smith this promises to become an evening that relates into itself as a never-ending negative definition of sound.

You can catch Xosar, Parrish Smith and Robert Bergman in De School on 19.05.2017
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