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02.05.2017 | Words by: Mathis Neuhaus.

The One Minutes Series of May starts out with a very specific briefing: make a one-minute black and white horror short film set in the daytime. As specific as this call to action is, as unspecific is its receiver. It is open to all: Best Boys, Mascots, Script Continuity Girls, Cult Leaders and Cult Members, Artists and Filmmakers – they are all invited to reply. The reason for this may be lying in the series’ title: Nightmares Of The Sun deals with daily nightmares and if there ever was a theme that resonates with everyone, this would be it. 

Nightmares Of The Sun is curated by Khavn and consists of thirteen One Minutes. Nightmares of the sun occur when what you fear at night happens during the day. You cannot escape from the sun, no colour, just light and dark. What are the names of the nightmares, which disturb you when you close or open your eyes? From the mythological to the psychological. From the political to the personal. We are all victims of our own fears.

There has to be a full disclaimer given here. The series is, in most parts, definitely not for the faint of heart. Fear is an intense emotion and as intense are the short films presented in this series. The nightmare’s transfer back to exactly that, the night, functions as a conceptual intervention that amplifies their impact. And the series comes as diverse as it could possibly be: fear is subjective, it manifests itself in each and every one of us. Some speak about it and try to meet their fears, some do not. In the One Minutes Series of May, you are confronted with thirteen other people’s fears. What this is going to tell you about yourself? I do not know. 

The video works of The One Minutes can be visited during club nights in our duo toilet.
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