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11.05.2017 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek.

When I said I never dreamt of line-ups, that wasn’t really true. Inviting Jlin to De School was a dream, and I’m happy it’s happening on the last day of the coming month. Two days ago Pitchfork published an extensive conversation between Rebecca Bengal and Jlin, about molten metal, Indiana, absence of easing, hour long conversations with minimalist composer William Basinski (who features on her album, and whose 1991 saxophone solo video might be my favourite video on the internet), talking to ancestors, group dance footwork routines, soundtracking a Rick Owens fashion show, pieces of origami. I think what I want to say is – before continuing – please read the interview. It’s really good.

Joining Jlin on this night is Josey Rebelle (thanks for the swift still life!), whose Rinse FM show is still a De School office classic, though it’s the Discwoman podcast that got the most plays here over the past few months.

What else in June – Roman Flugel (I didn’t do many deejay sets this year but I believe this track was in every single one) for the first time in our basement, backed up by Willow and Tasker on a Whities themed night. Job Sifre and Silent Servant (their connection can be found here) joining Interstellar Funk’s punk night. Shackleton testing the downstairs system on the first day after June. The Leipzig crew (see you at the lake side!) coming over for our yearly weekender exchange, that will include DJ So from Japan, Ben UFO, Elizabeth, Job Jobse in a very romantic garden side by side and Philipp Matalla (track of the year 2016?) amongst others.

Some wild combinations too: Hunee and Robert Bergman taking over for a night, Lucy closing after Shackleton, Funkineven joining Vic and Mairo in Het Muzieklokaal, Function (this track...) after a long set by JP Enfant, Sterac and Jasper & Maarten further establishing the Indigo traditions, Tammo and Izabel will open the live shows of Jlin and Shackleton respectively. And doing things his way: Tom Trago close to end on June 23.

Our neighbours from Subbacultcha lined up TOPS for a show in our intimate pop room S105, and for the first time ever there will be a concert in our gym. A very special concert, in which eight hours of improvised live drones will be the soundtrack to a nidra yoga session. At the controls is the ‘mesh mask lined with obsidian feathers’ that is the mysterious Roots in Heaven.

June’s art in our venue will be provided by Christine Sun Kim in collaboration with De Appel, more news on that later. First, tonight, the opening of Tijdgenoten #3: Cinema Erotica.

Erotic city can’t you see.
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