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05.04.2017 | Words by: Mathis Neuhaus. 

This one is a trip. Think short vignettes of virtual worlds, intense machine-made audio layers, humans resembling cyborgs and vice versa – there is a lot to process. The One Minutes Series of April is curated by Tereza Ruller and is called MAKE BEING RADICAL AGAIN. 32 videos, as diverse as they come, but unified by the presence of a human entity. Sometimes manifested as a cyborg resembling a person, sometimes as a close-up of a woman’s mouth repeating the claim “Just do it” until it is nothing more but a sequence of abstract tones. 

Tereza Ruller invited artists and designers on a paradox journey to escape into reality in virtual worlds. The series aims to reveal what it means to be human in these uncertain times of organized control and theatrical politics. How is it to be part of a world that is an ever-changing network? The examinations on view are diverse: optimistic, horrifying, funny or morbid – it is all there, presented as possibilities, not as fixed answers. 

While diving into the videos, making sense of them one minute at a time, the thoughts drift off trying to define the term “radical” – is it positive or negative? Something you want to be called or rather not be associated with? Maybe, radical itself does not mean anything, but only gets a certain value and meaning if used in combination with something else. Whatever the answer may be, the new One Minutes Series certainly inspires train of thoughts that go in both directions. Come around and think for yourself. 

The video works of The One Minutes can be visited during club nights in our duo toilet.
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