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06.03.2017 | Words by: Mathis Neuhaus.

Being based in Switzerland makes design a very visible and important element of everyday life. Of course, the disciplines vary from graphic to industrial to product design (among others), but they are united by high principles, a distinct sense for quality and a certain approach to the question of aesthetics. That, of course, also rings true for the Netherlands where especially product and graphic design have a rich history, coined by influential movements like De Stijl in the past or designers like Richard Hutten in the present.  

Design, its importance and its aesthetical changes over the years, is also the research interest of The One Minutes Series of March, this time aptly called Designing The One Minute and curated by Yin Aiwen who started a design investigation of The One Minutes chronicle 1998 until 2016. The series consists of 36 one-minute-long videos by designers and artists revealing how technology changes aesthetics, perception and reflection; an experiment where technology becomes poetry.

Interesting enough, and that locates the discipline in direct proximity to the arts, design mirrors society, or, differently put, needs the debate with society. It is deeply involved in thinking about trends, new ways of living and behavioral paradigm shifts. Condensing it to 36 videos that are each one minute long gives an overview of possibilities. It is a sweeping synopsis of inspiration and that’s ultimately what design is pursuing to achieve: sparking new thoughts about old things, transforming them on the way, providing chances to re-think everything, again and again. 

The video works of The One Minutes can be visited during club nights in our duo toilet.
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