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08.03.2017 | Words by: Luc Mastenbroek.

The moment I'm writing this I'm in a night bus on a bumpy road, leaving Belo Horizonte. Thoughts drifting back to a moment in an open air museum earlier today, where, after a power-cut of several hours, the dots reconnected right at the moment we walked into the most beautiful audio installation. Music started playing, forty speakers forming a choir, every individual voice its own output. Some polyphony it was. 

On my way to Brazil I'd spent a full day at a public PC writing down the making of the March program, only to find out that after I'd got a last cup of tea, the PC had been taken, my document unsaved, the stories gone. Anyway, most of it was about how excited I was we got to invite Powder from Japan to play De School coming Friday. How I got to know her amazing music through this excellent mix by Oceanic, how this piece by Aaron Coultate provided the perfect context, from 17th floor office work to nighttime studio sessions and the impossibility of forming a no-wave band, and how Powder's side on this tape for Wichelroede (check the artwork!) turned out to be the perfect soundtrack for many artist pick-ups. 

Another story that might be worth recovering from the lost piece, is that of Nur Jaber. How I got to know her music after reading this interview (Dutch only) about her move from Beirut to Berlin, in conversation with young journalist and school staff member Bo. Enthusiasm that didn't miss its spot - community spirit.

Flash forward to April. Almost a year after their first performance, Blawan and Pariah return as Karenn, whereas Sandrien will return home to play the first four hours. John Talabot will debut at De School, supported by Oceanic. It must've been five years ago when we'd been obsessively listening to Talabot's 2011 XLR8R podcast, soundtracking our road trip over heart-worn Polish highways, Oceanic casually combining driving and whilst drumming along.

For the long Easter weekend, we have Trevor Jackson (check his Metal Dance compilations and don't forget to dive into his long gone Output label, first home to both Four Tet and LCD Soundsystem (!) as part of Young Marco's Selectors tour, Lady Starlight invited by Lucy for her solo debut on European soil and Aurora Halal bringing along her partner in crime Relaxer for a kinky JP Sunday. 

Also in April, Perlon affiliate Margaret Dygas' and perm captain plus former Minus star Magda's debut, whilst Pearson Sound and Bruce will return for a welcoming night of British dance-floor funk. Flying in from Detroit is Jay Daniel, hopefully giving a taste of his great Broken Flowerz LP.

While collecting the artwork for April's program, the question popped up whether the banner for our Kingsday club night should be orange again this year. It's a nice colour, but the idea of orange, the idea of Dutchness, spread by scary Dutch political powers (if you happen to own a Dutch passport, please go vote!), is not what our orange looks like - or not what we want it to look like. It's an anxious orange. Let's try and re-appropriate orange and use it for a celebration of kindness, movement and flexibility. Bambounou, Woody, Mairo and Philou in charge of the music.

What used to be a school is now a club and a restaurant, but there's still a class room that we make use of. In April our series of mini-lectures continues, inviting philosopher Coen Simon to teach on human behaviour and desire, photographer Misha de Ridder on geography and climate in the field of photography and graphic designer Tina Lenz on design anthropology. Let's push things forward.
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