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21.03.2017 | Words by: Mathis Neuhaus.

Being able to tell a consecutive and coherent story is a challenging task. This rings true for literature, music, the menu in a restaurant or a certain place where all of this and more comes together. A lot of influencing variables mean a lot of different possible directions and showing art in this context gets especially interesting. It can unite the different approaches, consciously counteract them or highlight certain aspects of the entity. 

The highlighting of certain aspects is what the two current shown works in De School are about. Krista van der Wilk, an artist from The Hague, shows Cubebender in De Aula, a site specific adaptable video installation that reacts to the architecture of the building. In De Cinema, Cube is on view, a project by Mike Rijnierse and Rob Bothof. Cube is an installation based on the kaleidoscope and, in its function, could be described as an anti-kaleidoscope. The light does not enter the object, but leaves it – then forcing it to enter a dialogue with De Cinema’s architecture.

Interesting enough, Cubebender already has a history with the De School’s predecessor. Back in 2012, the work was on view in Trouw’s De Verdieping: a room that has been described as a reference to De School’s new dancefloor by various people on various occasions. Krista van der Wilk says about the projection-work: “Each time this work will be different to reach the same goal.” Cubebender has to react on its surroundings, regarding the dimensions and regarding the impact. In De School, it feels like an extension of the walls that surround it, they pour into the screen, slowly transforming themselves into something new. 

Cube in De Cinema also reacts to its surroundings, but in a more expressive and literal out-going way. It is another work to be seen in the club that is relying on a strict geometrical shape which seems to be stuffed with nothing but light, giving it back to the ever-transforming room. Sometimes dark, sometimes bright, sometimes in a state of in-between. And once again, the hypnotizing appeal of light is made visible: light therapy in the club.

Both works emphasize the strengths of the building’s architecture: its modern lines possess a quality of timelessness. The building is a blank canvas that can be used in many different ways: this time around, adequate to the former usage of the building, to think playfully about geometry.

You can visit CUBE and Cubebender up until April 17 for free during concerts and club hours.
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